Which Bath Tub Should You Choose?

Caring for our child’s hygiene is an extremely important task, especially in the first months of his life. Infants are very often exposed to various diseases, because their immune system has not yet developed properly. That is why we should pay so much attention to bathing. Our toddler needs a lot of warmth and love, while we need the right tools that will enable us to properly care and facilitate every activity. It is worth making every effort to ensure that our toddler is always not only in good hands, but also objects … Only what bathtub for a newborn will be the best?

When should you decide to buy a bath tub?

 Buying a baby bath for a newborn is extremely important from the point of view of caring for a small child. Therefore, this action should not be postponed to the last minute. The choice of product should be considered. It is worth looking carefully at the market, confronting which bath tubs are worth buying at the right age for an infant. The first should be quite small (unless we choose the stationary option, about which soon). Not only will it be easier to bathe the toddler, hold his unstable head or not to wet the still healing navel, but also to store and fit it even in a small bathroom. However, the first bath tub should wait for the child before it leaves the hospital.

What’s in the tubs?

Manufacturers are flooding us with various products on the market. These items are extremely diverse, have many functions and facilities that can be useful to young parents. However, it’s easy to get lost in it. All you need is common sense. Among the many types of bathtubs, you will surely find the ones that will especially appeal to you and your child.

Small tubs

The main problem is size. Among the various bathtubs you will find both small and large products. Some of them are universal and can be used both for the smallest and slightly larger children. In the initial phase it is worth choosing a small bath tub. Its standard sizes are 80 x 50 x 24 cm. The small bathtub is perfect for children up to 6 months old. This is a convenient way to have more control over what is happening. It is worth remembering about the right water temperature, it should be around 37 o C. In addition to the water and the bathtub itself, we can also try to get additional elements that will help us keep the newborn in the right position.

Big tubs

Much more versatile bath tubs for babies, which will work well for babies under 6 months old, as well as at a later stage. On the other hand, they are less comfortable, especially during the first baths. Large tubs are primarily longer, about 100 cm. Keeping your toddler in the right position can be more difficult. All the more helpful can be accessories, e.g. special braces that stabilize the child’s position during bathing.

Unusual bath tubs for babies

Most of these types of products have an oblong shape, with rounded shapes. They are usually made of high quality plastic that does not cause allergies and does not cause adverse reactions in an infant. They can be mobile, placed separately, or built-in special chests of drawers. They are comfortable when drying or preparing your toddler before bathing, but they take a long time and cannot be moved. An interesting way out is also the inflatable tub. This is the tourist version, which often turns out to be necessary during the holidays. On the market we also have many bath tubs that are designed to interest the child, they are products in various shapes resembling animals. However, such items are intended for children over 6 months of age. Recently, bucket-shaped bathtubs are gaining popularity,

Several suggestions for large and small

If you are looking for a baby bath tub and do not know which one to choose, you can try to choose a classic. The white bath MiffyBebeJou is an offer for everyone who appreciates simplicity and at the same time wants everything they need.

It is a large and comfortable bath tub, which makes bathing a pleasure for a baby and convenience for a parent. It is distinguished by its ergonomic shape and is made of the safest plastic on the market (PP). Its dimensions are 86 x 44 x 32 cm . Also great for children over a year, has a special fault protecting already sitting children.

Another option is to choose a bath tub with additional accessories that can easily help parents with their daily duties. They include ThermoMiffy tub with thermometer .


It is a unique, durable and completely safe bath tub, whose unique technology allows constant control of the water temperature during bathing. In addition, it contains two dispensers for soap and shampoo , which further facilitates bathing. It is ergonomic, efficient and designed for both the smallest and slightly older children (up to 2 years old) .

An unusual proposition is certainly the whale-shaped bathtub Moby Skip Hop. It is a product of the highest quality, made of the most durable and safest materials (PP), whose strength lies in the appearance and functions.

It is a product that grows with the baby, which is why it is perfect for both infants and slightly older children. The bathtub is equipped with a comfortable Mesh Smart Slingo seat, which stabilizes the toddler during bathing, and provides him with comfort and pleasure. This comprehensive product was created for the joy of children and adults.

Choosing a bath tub is extremely important and affects the first years of our locker’s life. So let’s take a moment to choose the best from the best. In this way, we can be sure that we will provide the child with comfort, comfort and pleasure from every bath.

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