when buying a stroller

What to look for when buying a stroller?

When buying a stroller, it is worth specifying at the beginning of the search phase what is most important to us. Thanks to this, the choice will be easier and we will be satisfied with the use of the trolley.

We set a budget for a pram

Let’s start our search by defining the budget framework that we can spend on a pram. This will make it easier to search producers’ offers and help you make a selection from the outset. Usually, the range from 2 to 3 thousand for a 3in1 stroller and up to 1500 for a stroller allows you to choose the best model in full comfort. The espiro next stroller in the budget defined before purchase meets all expectations of future parents.

What wheels will be the best

Due to its intended use, the wheelchair should have wheels and shock absorption that will allow you to move around the most varied terrain. Pumped wheels will work on forest roads and mountainous paths. Espiro sonic air has these wheels. Foam wheels will be fully functional on city sidewalks or shopping trips.

Type of fabric stroller

Depending on the season of the year in which we buy the stroller, it is worth paying attention to what fabrics are dedicated to a particular model. Waterproof fabric like espirovengo will be useful in autumn. Thanks to this, the stroller is more resistant to adverse weather conditions. Some models have rip-stop fabric such as sonic and sonic air. It is resistant to use and damage.

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