Stroller For Fall

What Stroller For Fall?

Autumn has arrived, which is unusually charming but also the cooler and more demanding season of the year. Walks with a child are no longer so easy, and often the changing weather conditions do not make them easy. Check which trolley to choose to avoid the rain!

What wheels for autumn walks?

Every day it gets colder, it rains and unexpected difficulties may appear on our roads. Especially in areas outside the city, it may be more difficult ground or mud. In such situations, a baby twin stroller on pumped wheels like sonic air from espiro will be useful. Thanks to them, driving the truck is comfortable and obstacles are easier to overcome.

Cold protection

When the temperature drops, first of all, we want to protect our child from the cold. That is why it is worth paying attention to the possibilities offered by the offroad stroller. Sonic air has a soft insert on the seat, which can be combined with a warm, detachable comfortable sleeping bag. This creates a warm cocoon for the child, thanks to which it does not freeze even during colder days. You can also buy a rain cover for your stroller to protect yourself against precipitation.

Features useful in the fall

In addition to additional stroller equipment, it is worth paying attention to the functionality of the 3 wheel stroller, which will prove to be especially important during autumn trips. One of them is the possibility of additional booth enlargement. In sonic air it is possible, the booth unfolds almost to the headband and completely protects the child. If the child still likes to sleep in the stroller, the adjustable footrest and fold-out backrest create a large and comfortable sleeping surface. It is important that the nap outside is calm and comfortable.

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