The Benefits Of Hammocks Rocking

Very often, young parents hear that you should not rock the child, “because they will get used to it.” However, such views are worth putting between fairy tales. Rocking has a lot of advantages that affect the development of the baby. First of all, it is a feeling that she knows well from the fetal period, which makes her feel safe and calms down more easily. It is also a great opportunity to calm down negative emotions and excess stimuli from everywhere reach the body that is not yet ready for it.

Rocking is also the first real gymnastics for babies, during which the systems responsible for coordination, balance and sensory integration are stimulated. Small muscles are gently stimulated to work, thanks to which the child gains control over his own body, which perfectly supports motor development. In addition to the practical advantages of rocking, we give the child great pleasure, building a strong and positive relationship with us. The ideal form is swinging in the arms of the parent. However, this requires endless layers of energy and time, as well as an extremely durable spine. Those who do not have them can reach for the best hammock for babies.

Hammocks with a frame

Hammocks with a frame construction available on the market resemble miniature versions of classic garden hammocks for adults. Noteworthy is the beautifully made Amazonas Koala sets, consisting of a fabric hammock (110 cm x 58 cm) and a wooden frame for hanging it. The product is intended for children from birth to around the age of 9 months. The frame is light and easy to assemble without tools. The soft fabric adapts to the back of the child during rocking, and the baby’s tummy is relieved, which brings him relief in colic and helps to relax. The possibility of adopting a natural position also supports the proper development of the young spine and is invaluable for newborns.

We can buy a Sunny mattress for little older babies to make lounging in the hammock even more pleasant. A hammock with a frame will work at home – we can put it anywhere and move it depending on your needs, take it to the garden, to the balcony, and even on a weekend or holiday trip, providing your child with maximum comfort and sleeping comfort everywhere.


Another proposal is hammock-cradle or swings , which can be installed in several ways, depending on the place and needs. In this case, Amazonas products also excel.

Kangoo hammocks are extremely interesting and also affordable . They were sewn to remind the baby conditions in the mother’s stomach – they are therefore warm, soft and extremely comfortable. Durable cotton fabric (lifting capacity approx. 15 kg) is safe, breathable and machine washable.

However, Kaya models  resemble classic, suspended from the ceiling cradles from centuries ago . They have a wooden frame with a stretched cotton fabric, creating a lying place measuring 88 cm x 63 cm. In such a cradle, babies can comfortably lie down and fall asleep. Swings can be mounted in several ways, including on the door frame with a special clamp, on a hook in the ceiling or with a rope on a tree branch in the garden.

How to choose the best hammock

First of all, the hammock must be suitable for the child’s age and weight (babies can be used up to the age of 9 months). However, independently sitting and crawling babies should be under the watchful eye of guardians. The hammock must be solidly made of natural and child-safe materials. Cotton and linen as well as unpainted wood will work great. It is important that the structure does not have any sharp and dangerous elements (in which, for example, a toddler could put his finger). The seat or couch itself must be equipped with safety belts or a special fastening preventing the child from getting out of the swing on his own. Thanks to this, relaxing in a hammock will not only be pleasant, but also safe

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