Scooter For Children

A scooter for children is an important matter for the development of our child. We should pay attention to several parameters that will give a comfortable ride. So what to look for when buying a scooter? Welcome to the guide – how to choose a scooter.

When i come to my son’s school to pick him up after school, i see a lot of two-wheelers pinned to the fence. This view makes me very happy, because it means that our children are physically active. I see not only bikes, but also scooters, which i personally love. I never had a scooter in my childhood, so maybe that’s why i like it so much. It is light, travels quickly on it, and you can easily take it and jump on the bus. I often use this means of transport over short distances, such as picking up children from school or quick shopping in a local store. I am also very happy that my children like scooters and are happy to choose it not only for the playground, but also for a longer walk.

What does the scooter teach you?

The answer to this question is extremely simple. Thanks to riding a scooter, our child learns to balance and also how to properly balance his body. This will result in faster learning to ride a bike, as well as at school age will facilitate balance exercises. Scooter riding increases concentration, the child can assess the obstacle distance and efficiently avoid it. Tames the child at speed, which is extremely important as the child sits on the bike. Using a scooter, which children treat as having fun, improves physical form by strengthening the muscles of the legs, back and stomach.

The first scooter for children

Since when should we teach our child to ride a scooter? And what scooter will be right for our toddler? This is a question that often appears in the minds of young parents, which is why i have prepared for you a short guide on scooters tailored to the age of the child.

To begin with, let’s answer the question at what age can a child start learning. There are many scooters on the market that are adapted for children from 2 years old. Such scooters are characterized by the fact that they have two wheels at the front and one at the back. This makes learning easier for children, because our device is very stable. The one that i want to show you now is a ride and scooter, i.e. 2 in 1, so kids can use it. To start with, we choose a ride-wheeler, which thanks to the comfortable seat makes it easier for our little one to move. When our child grows up, with one click we change the function and our ride turns into a scooter. This is an ideal proposition for the youngest, because even if our child gets bored while walking by scooter, we can easily return to the function of a ride. And now the question is where can we buy 2 in 1 scooters? Well, there are many places where we can get a two-wheeler, but i recommend it to you  scooters for children from the store  is a verified address that i recommend to you.


If our child is 3-4 years old, it is worth choosing a slightly different scooter that will also be on three wheels. The stability of the scooter at this age of the child is extremely important so that the children do not fall over, and thus do not discourage further driving. The scooter he will show now is syntactic and thus easy to carry or store. In addition, lightweight, with adjustable steering wheel and what is extremely important is protection against falling.




 scooter for preschoolers

Which scooter to choose for the youngest have already been discussed, so what to consider when choosing an older child for nico? First of all, for children aged 4-6, the scooter should be two-wheeled. After learning about a three-wheeler, children will freely and without any problems switch to two-wheeled, acquiring even better coordination skills. When choosing a two-wheeler, it is worth paying attention not to the price, but above all to whether it has an adjustable steering wheel and a good brake, as well as whether it is lightweight and whether it folds comfortably. The scooter should be adapted to the child’s height and weight, thanks to which it will be stable and safe.

Driving safety

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our children, which is why we choose the right scooter for the age and skills of our children. Let’s remember that a scooter is a vehicle that our greatest treasures – our children – will move on. Therefore, from the very beginning, let’s put on helmets for children to protect them from falling. And believe me, learning children are really unpredictable. If we teach teaching how to use two-wheelers safely from an early age, they will not have a problem with a helmet in teenage or adult age. Today, we can choose helmets of various colors and with different heroes, so do not hesitate buying a scooter at once, choose the right cash register for our child.

Time for a scooter test

I have children at this age that they jump on the scooter freely and without any fear and run straight ahead. However, this has not always been the case, we have come a long way to the stage we are in. I admit to you that in the case of my son, i missed the stage of scooter ride and three-wheeled, we started immediately with a two-wheeled one and the word i gave it was not the best idea. The son did not feel stabilization and the scooter kept falling over, which made him nervous and could not “get” the magic with the scooter. Therefore, as soon as the daughter began to be interested in the scooter, i bought a regular three-wheeler, unfortunately this choice was also not 100% best, because during longer walks the daughter was tired of her. She simply couldn’t manage to ride so much, so the best solution would be a scooter ride that has a seat and can be used over longer distances.

However, this does not change the fact that these two-wheelers stole our hearts and we ride scooters with the whole family. Finally, i felt what it means to ride a scooter 🙂

Balance scooter – what is it characterized by?


The scooter has recently become a very popular means of transport for both children and adults. Currently, it is one of the most interesting forms of spending time outdoors, next to skateboards or cross-country bikes . A scooter for children is a great choice if we want to develop new skills for our child, as well as to infect a child with love for sport. Among the models that will work best for the youngest are balance scooters for children .

What is a balance scooter for a child?

The balance scooter, compared to the traditional scooter, allows you to control by balancing the body. Operating a scooter with this type of control system is child’s play. To turn, to turn it is enough to lean in the right direction while tilting the steering wheel. Thanks to this construction, the child trains maintaining balance and learns how to behave correctly on the road. A balance scooter is a good solution for children who do not like the traditional two-wheeled scooter.

What to look for when choosing a balance scooter?

As with other children’s vehicles, balance scooters should meet specific standards that ensure safe use and comfort. Compliance with this en71 standard is required for these scooters. What to pay attention to?

First of all, when choosing this type of scooter it is good to check if it has an adjustable steering wheel that can be adjusted to the child’s height. Too low a steering wheel can make driving difficult and also have a negative impact on our child’s silhouette. The balance scooter should also be stable and durable, which will ensure safe riding. When choosing sports equipment for a child, it is worth checking the quality of workmanship and materials used for production.

When buying a scooter, let’s check what material the wheels are made of. The models available on the market include wheels of good quality pu (polyurethane, which is called synthetic rubber) and cheaper pvc. An additional advantage will be the possibility of folding the scooter, which will allow us to easily transport and store it at home. Some balance scooters have glowing led wheels, which is undoubtedly an additional advantage. The wheels only glow when the scooter is set in motion. This provides an additional incentive for the child to start using the vehicle.

What should you buy for a balance scooter?

If you want to ensure the safety of our child, it is also worth equipping them with a helmet , as well as knee and elbow protectors . Thanks to them, even when they fall or collide with an obstacle, the child will be less exposed to injuries, abrasions or scratches. It is definitely not worth saving on this type of accessories, because the more durable these elements are, the greater the chance to avoid the unpleasant consequences of an unfortunate event.

A balance scooter can therefore be an ideal gift idea, but also an additional form of learning how to balance and maintain a child’s body balance. At the same time, take care of the comfort and safety of using the scooter by a child.


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