Hammocks For Babies

After searching dozens of stores, analyzing hundreds of models, a few sleepless nights, carefully examining all pros and cons, and above all after a thousand conversations with a son about the fragility of a newborn baby, finally came up with the simplest solution – a hammock for babies. And for this choice, I give myself a high five. 

Because despite the fact that the Second is sleeping with us at night, during the day “our” bed is often occupied by cats and Kosmyk – I do not have to fight with them for a place for a newborn, I put the Second in a hammock and I am sure that even as I will walk away, my older brother will calm the toddler by swinging. Yes! It turned out that instead of demolition, Kosmyk really liked being an older brother and the associated privilege of rocking a hammock. And because our hammock model [Amazonas Koala] has the option of controlling the power of rocking [such pinning at the very bottom, visible in the pictures :)], I know that even if Kosmyk forgets about rocking, no newborn from the hammock will fall out.

I am happy because some of the potholes in our garden will not be overcome by a pram, by working or tidying up a part of the yard, so I can safely take a baby hammock with me and arrange a toddler in it so that it is relatively close and fairly “under breast”.

I am happy because when I go to my parents I do not have to fold the stroller, but I take a hammock three times smaller and having dinner with my mother, I look at gently swinging in the hammock Second. Only the first visit to my parents made me realize how much a hammock is useful in such a situation – it takes up less space than a stroller, and guarantees that I don’t have to keep the child on my hands all the time or, running to the bathroom, look for other free hands to hold for me, toddler. 

I am happy because going on a trip to friends or family, I will not have to worry about where in our car next to the stroller will fit a tourist bed – we will pack a hammock and it will be after trouble.

Finally, I am happy, because when Second has a day on my chest and I wear it in a sling, I can easily fold the hammock and put it under the bed. It takes up as much space as nothing.

baby hammock

 Trying a little hammock for the Second Child, I took a little risk. Knowing the life of Kosmyk, I should rather look in stores with bombs. But I broke a little tongue, talked about the fragility of the newborn, instructed and decided to trust my son. He has not used the loan so far, and he has even busied him a bit with a brave defense on the playground against a bloodthirsty preschooler wanting to peek into the pram:

– It’s my baby! Leave it or you will destroy it!

Anyway, my initial fears have gone. The frame of the hammock is stable, wooden, the cotton hammock itself – I can easily wash it in the washing machine – and the soft mattress is perfectly matched to the safety fasteners. I will only think about the right curtain so that the bees on the 2nd one won’t go crazy too much and it will be great. [Apparently, systematic rocking in a hammock has a positive effect on the sense of balance, and the very shape of the hammock will relieve the tummy, which helps fight bothersome colic]. But Kosmyk, despite the fact that he adopted the newborn in a hammock, will cause us a lot of problems. No no! Not that he wants to blow out of a newborn hammock! Take it easy, I have a smart son who knows that he weighs more than the permissible 15 kilograms. The thing is that Kosmyk liked hammocks so much that now he wants to have them hung in every possible place,



– The anatomical shape of the hammocks helps in the development of hand/leg coordination and relieves the tummy, relieves colic.

– Swinging a newborn baby in hammocks will lull him to sleep, provide him with comfort and safety, and will also positively affect the sense of balance.

– the materials from which the hammock is made are 100% natural.

– adjustable straps on which the hammock hangs.

– really easy assembly and folding / unfolding the hammock.

– child safety harness.

– the option to limit rocking options.


– takes up a lot of space

– a mosquito net should be included in the set 🙂

In any case, I recommend the hammock for babies – it works well at home and while traveling. A gentle rocking will cuddle every infant to sleep, reminding him of the moments when he was still fumbling in his mother’s stomach. Cool thing! I myself thought that our hammock would be another place for a toddler, such an additional gadget, and it turned out that it was practically irreplaceable and in total, we do not take it with us only to the city for shopping. I will wait with buying the cot. For now, all we need is a hammock.

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