What Is The Best MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Of 2020?

If you are thinking of starting to feed your baby with the best MAM anti-colic bottle, either with breast milk or with formula, you should consider the challenge of a baby used to breastfeed. They are adapted to the soft and warm sensation of the maternal breast, and will immediately notice the difference with the bottle.

Aware of the problem for parents, when the time comes for the transition from breast to bottle, many manufacturers have designed models of the best MAM anti-colic bottle, which somehow mimics the feeling of breastfeeding. The titanic task is now to choose which model suits your baby. The market can overwhelm you with the number of brands and designs on bottles, so we want to serve as a guide and guide you to select the best for you and your little one.

In a comparison of the best MAM anti-colic bottle, the first aspect you have to take into account is the nipple. Remember that it will be the substitute for the mother’s nipple. There are models made of latex and silicone. Latex teats are flexible and soft but have little durability and some babies are allergic to their components. Silicone teats are a little firmer and last longer. Another aspect of the nipple is that they are designed for different age ranges, so their size and flow levels may vary according to the growth stage.

When it comes to bottles, the first thing that comes to mind is the glass bottles of yesteryear. They were used for being more hygienic, but they were very heavy, difficult to handle and often broke when washed. Now with the new times, the best option is a plastic bottle, as long as it has the “BPA Free” label. Currently, there are anti-colic models, ideal to avoid suffering to the baby when air is sucked in with the food.

The Mam brand started in 1976 to provide full support to the development of each girl and boy while facilitating the work of the parents. They design and manufacture products for babies, boys, and girls of early childhood and for mothers during breastfeeding. It is an online store that markets a large number of users, its innovative and high-quality products, among which are: pacifiers, toys for child development, gift set, teethers, and oral hygiene, bottles and glasses, products for breastfeeding, cleaning and sterilization and more.



Mam Babyartikel 99921511


Main Advantage:

This bottle kit offers you many benefits and benefits; however, its main advantage is excellent value for money. They are 2 bottles of 260 ml, designed by professional experts, their exclusive and innovative anti-colic design, the softness of the nipple, how easy it is to clean it and the quality of its materials, well worth your purchase. And best of all is its unsurpassed price.


Main Disadvantage:

There is no negative comment on this useful and great product. On the contrary, users have valued it with a very high score in the network and highly recommend it according to their experiences as parents, highlighting the happy children now feel since they take their food with these bottles.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The combination of design features and its efficiency to prevent your little one from the discomfort generated by the suction of air while feeding can make this model a recommended bottle.



Main Features Explained


No more colic

As parents, we all know how difficult it is to see our baby cry because of colic. As much as we lull it and sing songs to it, nothing can satisfy it until it overcomes the discomfort caused by the air that entered its belly when taking its bottle.

The manufacturer Mam thinking for the little ones and the tranquility of the parents, has created this innovative and exclusive model of bottles that are well worth being considered, as an excellent purchase option, since with them you could avoid The terrible cramps in your child. These bottles have been specially designed with a uniform flow system that prevents the baby from swallowing air and producing gas and colic.


From breast to bottle

The transition from breast to bottle is not so easy and many babies do not accept change because of the nipple. With this bottle model, you will not have that problem. The nipple has been developed by medical experts and scientists to create a bottle that provides peace of mind for parents and confidence in the baby.

Its nipple is made of extra-soft silicone, which offers a unique texture. It is a nipple with anatomical and skin-like design, which allows an easy transition from breastfeeding to the bottle. This model has the teat number 1, ideal for infants from 0 to 2 months, provides a uniform and moderate flow of the drink, according to the age of the baby. As your child grows, you can replace the teats with numbers 2 or 3 of the Mam brand.



Mam Babyartikel 99921511 is a pack of two unbreakable bottles of 260 ml capacity. They are made of transparent polypropylene, with light blue children’s designs. They are resistant to shock and high temperatures. You can sterilize them with boiling water or in the microwave.

This two-bottle kit gives you the confidence and security of being healthy feeding your child, since they are made of materials that do not contain bisphenol A (PBA), a toxic compound present in plastics. Its wide neck, facilitates the flow of food and its anti-leakage cap, prevents spillage. It has a weight of 281 grams and measures 19 x 15.4 x 7.2 cm.

You can use it when your baby is older, you just need to change the teats for another size. It is recommended every two months to change the teats, not for deterioration or wear, since depending on the age of the baby the exit hole is changing.


Easy to clean

Cleaning our baby’s bottle is an issue that we must take very seriously. Not enough soap and water. It requires full sterilization to prevent bacteria or parasites from attacking the fragile immune system and making our little one sick. Thinking about this, Mam has designed her removable bottles.

The anti- colic bottle 99921511 can be disassembled perfectly to facilitate a deep and thorough cleaning. There will be no parts where it is difficult to clean. You can disassemble and separate the base and the bottle, separate the anti-colic rubber, the thread from the nipple, remove the teat itself, the cap and the cap protector.


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