The Best Bottles For Gas And Reflux – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

 Once our children begin to use a bottle, we run the risk that they begin to suffer from gas, stomach aches, and even reflux, however, we can avoid it with the purchase of the best bottles for gas and reflux. They are primarily designed to prevent air from passing into the child’s belly when feeding, helping to significantly reduce stomach upset.

Currently, you can get many models of the best bottles for gas and reflux and brands in the market, but we will focus on the most important ones so you can make the best decision. First, we get Dr. Brown’s 155-P4 model, which has its system to reduce gases and maintains the properties of milk to improve feeding. Second, we have the Philips Avent SCF566 / 17, which has an exclusive valve to prevent the passage of air into the baby’s stomach and has a capacity of 330 ml.


Comparison chart of the best bottles for gas and reflux


Dr. Brown’s Standard – Baby Bottle, 120 ml


  • Its ventilation tube prevents the passage of air into the baby’s belly, reducing the risk of gas and abdominal pain in the child. In addition, it has a capacity of 120 ml and helps maintain the properties of milk.
  • Some users consider that the marks or measures that this model brings are very small and transparent, they are not easily observed while preparing the food, especially if the bottle is used at night.
  • It is the most expensive model on our list, but it has durable materials and its nipple is very comfortable. In addition, it minimizes the oxidation of the vitamins that your baby needs.


Philips Avent SCF566 / 17 – 330 ml Classic + baby bottle, flow cap for newborns, anti-colic, transparent color


  • This bottle has scientific support since it is clinically proven to avoid gas and stomach pains, thanks to its special valve. In addition, it has a silicone nipple that makes the bottle more comfortable for the baby.
  • Some users consider as a negative point that the plastic of the bottle becomes darker with time and use, however, it does not fail to fulfill its function.
  • It is the most economical of our recommendation list, although it is very practical and easy to use since it was manufactured with fewer parts to meet its objective.



NUK FIRST CHOICE Bottle Anti-Colic Baby Disney Mickey PP 300 ml


  • It has a capacity of 300 ml so that the baby can be fed according to his age, indicated for children from 6 to 18 months. In addition, it has a nipple-like nipple, which adapts to the baby’s mouth to make feeding more natural.
  • Some users state that the nipple hole could be a bit small for the age indicated, however, remember that if you wish, you could exchange it for another.
  • This model has a good value for money, being one of the most economical on the list and presenting great benefits for the baby.



What are the best bottles for gas and reflux of 2020?


It is no secret to anyone that every parent wants their baby to have the best products for their growth and which one could be more important than those intended for feeding? Therefore, through this comparison, we hope to offer you competent information about one of the best anti-aging bottles of the moment.

The feeding of children is one of the most important and important factors that must be maintained and cared for in order to ensure good physical and neuronal development.


When babies arrive in the world, they are quite unprotected due to a lack of natural immunity, as well as high physical fragility. Their systems have not been fully developed to adapt to the world around them, so their parents have the obligation to provide all the care and attention necessary for their proper development.

Among the most effective and essential ways to achieve good growth and development by the child is food. This task must be carried out with care and caution so that accidents such as drowning or discomfort can be avoided.

When the little ones feed, it is very common to observe gas accumulation, which can develop quite uncomfortable and painful stomach cramps. Due to this, a series of bottles with special characteristics have been developed to avoid the intake of air or gases while the child is feeding.

These bottles are known as anti-gas or anti-colic and are usually made up of a common bottle, a special nipple and a suction system different from other bottles. This system ensures that the child can eat the food, avoiding the passage of air so that gases cannot be produced.



Dr. Brown’s 155-P4



Main Advantage:

Dr. Brown’s 155 anti-aging bottles offer you a patented technology designed and designed to offer your baby the healthiest possible diet by avoiding contact with the outside food so that natural vitamins and minerals can be maintained.


Main Disadvantage:

One of the main drawbacks presented by this model of the anti-aging bottle is its cleaning. Because it has more parts than a common bottle, some customers consider daily use a bit complicated unless there is automatic equipment for bottle cleaning.


Main Features Explained



Bottles are one of the most recommended and used options when looking for an alternative to the mother’s breast. These allow the child to be fed more naturally and safely as well as offering him greater comfort.

The bottles of type antigas have special systems designed to avoid air intake so we recommend you know them thoroughly before venturing to acquire an option.

The model offered by Dr. Brown’s with its 155 anti-aging bottle has patented systems by the brand. As indicated by the manufacturer, its anti-colic system minimizes the oxidation of some vitamins and minerals in the milk by preventing it from coming into contact with the environment so that the child’s feeding is much more effective. It also indicates that the risk of otitis is minimized by preventing the accumulation of fluid in the child’s ear while feeding.



When deciding to buy a bottle for your baby, it is very important that you take into account the characteristics of the nipple. There are models designed for each stage of the baby’s development, so you should be especially careful when choosing it. This is due to the risk that the child cannot use it or it may be too large or produce too much flow for his age.

Therefore, we consider it pertinent to know that the teat integrated into Dr. Brown’s 155 anti-aging bottles is a level 1 nipple. This means that it is more focused on the use of newborn infants because it tries to emulate the natural sensation and suction that the child would achieve in his mother’s chest. Thanks to this, your baby can feel much more comfortable and safe when using a nipple that reminds him of his mother even when she is not at home.



Now, consider another aspect of high importance to be able to acquire a bottle of both good quality and practical. As mentioned earlier, there are specific models for each stage of growth of your little one and therefore, you will also find them of different capacities. If you already have an idea of the amount of milk your baby consumes, we recommend you purchase a bottle that suits those values.

Dr. Brown’s 155 anti-aging bottles can be an ideal option for those first weeks of your toddler’s life. This model has a maximum capacity of 120 milliliters, so it may be sufficient to meet your current food needs. Also, this bottle has a length of 17 centimeters and a weight of 455 grams, which allows you to handle it easily and can even be held by your baby when he reaches enough strength in his hands and arms.


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