The Best Bottle For Newborn- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020


During the first months of a baby’s life it is necessary to know what are the best care and the most adequate feeding, since it is a crucial time that can affect its development. For this reason, we must choose the best bottle for newborn taking into account its most important features such as capacity, nipple shape and vessel design.

Today there is a great variety of bottles in the market, but we have selected the best models to facilitate your purchase. First, there is the Philips Avent Classic SCF560 / 17 , which has an anti-colic valve and an ergonomic design to offer greater comfort. In addition, it is an easy model to clean and use. On the other hand, the Chicco NaturalFeeling It has an inclined nipple to prevent colic and has an easy opening lid, also has flexible rings that help greater elasticity and flexibility of the nipple.



Comparison Chart Of The best bottle for newborn


Philips Avent SCF560 / 17 – 125 ml Classic + baby bottle, flow cap for newborns, anti-colic, transparent color


  • It is clinically proven to reduce colic and has an ergonomic shape that facilitates its handling and cleaning. In addition, it has an extra soft nipple that will give your baby the greatest comfort, without disturbing or filling it with gases. As if that were not enough, it is unisex white.
  • It only stores 125 ml, so, when compared to other models, it is considered as a small bottle. For this reason, it is indicated for newborn or premature children.
  • It is the cheapest product on the list, but it is made with quality materials and its design offers easy grip, both for parents and for the baby itself.



Chicco NaturalFeeling – Baby bottle with inclined anti-colic nipple and normal flow for babies from 0 months onwards, 150 ml


  • It is designed to emulate the sensation of the maternal breast. In addition, the double anti-colic valve combined with the innovative design of the inclined nipple will allow our baby to feed without interruption. This bottle is recommended for children from 0 to 4 months.
  • Some users comment that the nipple can be easily pushed inwards, so it is inconvenient and impractical to have to open the lid to bring it back to its position.
  • In a medium price range, this bottle offers a design designed to provide a natural feeling during the baby’s feeding. Recommended in case of mixed breastfeeding.



Munchkin 11650 – Newborn baby bottles set


  • It is a set that contains two bottles of 240ml, two of 125ml and specific teats for the different stages of breastfeeding, which can be stretched to simulate the breast. It also includes a brush for optimum cleaning of bottles and teats.
  • Due to the elasticity of the teats, these could deteriorate and break at the time of use. However, the set includes four spare parts for stage 1 teats and two stage 2 teats.
  • It is the most expensive product on the list, but it also offers a greater variety of uses, easy cleaning and a design designed to take care of the health of our children.


What is the best bottle for newborn of 2020?


At this point every mother does not first know this secret, the best way to reach the heart of her baby is undoubtedly through the stomach; Few things say I love you as effectively as the care and dedication that precede a proper and nutritious diet for princes and princesses of the home. A bottle for a newborn is one of the best ways we have to deliver the precious food to our little one, whether you are feeding with formula or giving breastfeeding and present problems of suitability for breastfeeding.


Recognizing then the important role that bottles for newborns play in this crucial stage of growth, we decided to carry out an investigation to determine which is the best product available to date in the market; For this we made a comparison between some of the best and most popular models and the result we obtained from this research was quite good.

What we try to do with our group of experts is to go through the different types of bottles and find the best one based on criteria that we recognize as the following: a bottle model whose design could prevent the baby from swallowing a lot of air during the process of feeding. This helps to significantly reduce colic and gas in the creature.

We also look for a bottle model that is easy to hold, a very important factor in the moments when the child begins to gain autonomy and wants to control the bottle by itself. We prioritize those models that are easy to clean, recognizing that today’s mothers do not have much time for these issues. Finally, we wanted a bottle model that mimics breastfeeding as much as possible.

If you are prepared to know in detail the chosen articles, then we present them.



Philips Avent Classic SCF 560/17



Main Advantage:

The model chosen as the best bottle for newborns on the market, is the Philips Avent Classic model, a product that stands out despite the years for its practical ergonomic design whose general construction is designed so that the child does not fill with gases while feed.


Main Disadvantage:

Sadly, if we find an important fault in this article, but since it is an easily solved problem, we consider that it does not take away the other merits earned by the product. We have that the Philips Avent Classic model brings with it a nipple size that is not very suitable for newborns but seems for children a few months old; Users have chosen to buy a new smaller flow nipple and save the model for later.



Main Features Explained



When looking for the best bottle for newborns on the market, the nipple is one of those small elementary factors that we cannot ignore if we want to take home a quality product.

One of the reasons we liked the Philips Avent model is because, while other competitors have several teats, the unique design of this product includes a 3-position variable flow nipple; which means that it is possible to regulate the amount of food that comes out or adapt it according to the different textures of the different types of food, for example a thick juice or a normal bottle.



Practical design

Another aspect worth highlighting in the Classic model developed by the Philips Avent house is the practicality of its design and the many advantages that entails: we have first of all that thanks to the wide mouth shape of the product the result is one of the models of bottles for newborns for easier cleaning in the market.

Its wide shape is also comfortable to hold for both parents and for the little and little precise little hands of babies; In addition to presenting a general silhouette that mimics breastfeeding a bit.


BPA free

Determining aspect when choosing the best bottle for newborn in the market, like any plastic product that maintains contact with the child’s food, is to look for BPA-free products; a well-known chemical that was used in the manufacture of plastics and that proved to be highly toxic in prolonged use by humans.



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