What Are The Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic Of 2020?

The bottles are a symbol of tenderness and reveal the presence of a baby in the home, they are also the baby’s first dishes. They are responsible for feeding this special and expected to be for the first time, so you must be very careful when choosing the best baby bottles for gas and colic to which we will entrust such an important task.

The models, designs, and brands that exist in the current market of bottles are very varied, however, it is important to consider that they have the function of preventing the annoying gases that usually appear after feeding the baby, therefore, it is recommended to make a comparison of the most important aspects to choosing the best anti-colic bottles.


When feeding babies with a bottle we face the annoying cramps that cause so much anguish to parents and discomfort to children. Crying for the pain of colic and otitis that the child can suffer is usually a nightmare after bottle feeding.

Therefore, beyond having a beautiful design and striking colors, which are usually combined with the sex of the child and other accessories, you must choose a bottle that has an effective anti-colic system, which ensures that the feeding is done in a calm way, that provide the maximum nutrients needed and minimize the risk of colic.

If we pay attention to these details when choosing the bottle for the baby, we will probably make a better choice than if we just get carried away by the design or the color that we like the most. We will be thinking about the health and well-being of the child, which in turn will result in the tranquility and well-being of their parents.

Currently the different brands of the market offer the best baby bottles for gas and colic , BPA-free materials, with teats in different sizes and in the best materials, all this thought about the health of babies, you just have to make sure you choose the best one without the need of Pay more than necessary since not always the most expensive is the best.  


Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic –Reviews In 2020

Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE  

Main Advantage:  

The main advantage of the Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE bottle is its patented system with a complete ventilation tube that prevents air suction, helping to reduce baby colic, reducing the risk of otitis in the middle ear and minimizing oxidation of vitamins A, C and E, that is, preserving the nutritional properties of the food.  


Main Disadvantage:  

Some users comment that the measures in the bottle should be more noticeable or visible.  


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Since it has a system that can be efficient to prevent the baby from sucking air while feeding, it is considered one of the best purchase options.


Main Features Explained  


Anti-colic system  

The patented Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE baby bottle system with full vent tube allows air to enter the bottle through a valve in the nipple, placing it behind the milk, eliminating air bubbles and vacuum which are found in most bottles, this prevents the baby from sucking the air so that it fills with gas and suffers from colic after feeding. Therefore, it reduces gas, belching and abdominal pain in the infant.

Reduces the risk of otitis media, helping to reduce the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, the child’s feeding is done with the peace of mind that after feeding the infant will be happy and satisfied, so reassuring the loving parents.  


Nutrient Conservation  

The exclusive Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE bottle ventilation system offers another quite important advantage in infant feeding, on the one hand, it reduces colic and at the same time prevents the oxidation of vitamins in milk, conserving nutrients from Food in the bottle.

Since the air does not have contact with the milk since it is pushed at the end of the bottle, it retains vitamins A, CYE, thus improving the intake of nutrients in each milk intake the infant receives.  


Price quality ratio  

The bottle Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE offers an excellent price-quality ratio, you do not always have to pay a lot to get the best product, just pay attention to the most important features or aspects related to the operation and its manufacture to Get a good purchase both in price and quality.

This bottle offers a patented ventilation system, which improves or reduces colic in infants, a problem that has been dealt with for years, now has a solution at a good price, with the technology of Dr. Browns DRB-PP- bottle 455DE.


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