Best Baby Bottle With Spoon – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

To facilitate the task at the time of feeding our children during their first months, the best baby bottle with spoon  were invented, a hybrid between a bottle and a children’s spoon that allows to directly give the baby purees and porridge, without needing to be giving spoonful to spoonful and therefore, soiling much less.

If you are about to start with the complementary feeding of your baby, take a look at models such as the Boon Squirt – BOONINC1 bottle with spoon , with 89 ml capacity, body completely made of silicone and a soft tip that will protect your gums. You can also opt for the Nûby 1563 bottle, of 90 ml and with silicone body, but which is more suitable to leave the house, since it includes a protective hermetic cap that will prevent food spills during transport.

Comparison chart of the Best baby bottle with spoon

Boon 30690123 – Dispensing spoon, silicone, green color

  • Despite being a spoon, it is made of silicone, free of BPA, phthalates and PVC, while very soft and soft so that your baby can start with solids comfortably and safely for him.
  • Users comment that the spoon has a capacity of only 89 ml, suitable for the first months, but scarce for later, so they must reload food in the middle of the meal.
  • This bottle with spoon will help you to introduce your baby complementary food in a safe and respectful way with its development, thanks to its silicone spoon.

Nûby 1563 – Spoon for porridge

  • Unlike other models, you can take this baby bottle with you to the street when you need to leave home with your baby, as it includes a hermetic protective cap that prevents food from spilling in the bag.
  • For some of the users of this model, the opening where the food comes out is too small to use with homemade porridge.
  • A 90 ml capacity baby bottle, with a silicone tip and a practical protective cap so you can transport it without risk of spillage.

Munchkin 012398 – Spoon squeeze spoon

  • This model has been manufactured with moldable silicone, which in addition to being non-toxic is also resistant to odors and dirt. Something that helps you maintain proper hygiene when using it and keep it in perfect condition.
  • This product cannot be hot sterilized, and it is necessary to proceed with a cold starring in order to properly sanitize the product and prevent its deterioration.
  • A safe spoon with adequate capacity and that you can take anywhere to make feeding your little one easier.

What is the best bottle with spoon on the market?

Baby food dispensing spoons are very popular among Spanish mothers. If you observe them carefully, you will see that they are practical tools that allow feeding the baby with one hand, they are extremely useful when you have to feed the child away from home, either in public places or at friends’ houses.

The basic method of operation of the best bottles with spoon on the market is very simple, since they are basically composed of a compressible container in the form of a bottle, in which it is enough to unscrew the nozzle and load the baby’s food inside. There is a small hole in the neck of the spoon through which the dosed food comes out when pressure is put on the main body, from the spoon to the baby’s mouth, the process is already known to all parents.

It is the ideal product to feed the child their porridge and baby pots, so in our research team we decided to make a comparison between the best spoon-fed bottles on the market, in order to determine which is the perfect product for our readers.

We get to analyze many products and many different brands and then we present only those that can be classified as the best options, based on several criteria such as: the usability of the product, the support of good brands, the opinion that users have of them in the website and the different price ranges available.

If you are ready to know more about the candidates for the best bottle with spoon in the market, we present you in detail the information. Enjoy it and we hope you find the product you are looking for!

What are the best spoon bottles of 2020?

Recommended Products

Boon Squirt – booninc1

Main Advantage:

You can feed your baby with just one hand, since you will have the liquid reservoir and, instead of a conventional pacifier, incorporate a spoon with opening so that the food goes out in a regulated way.

Main Disadvantage:

One user noted that the capacity of the spoon is only 90 milliliters, an amount sufficient for the first months of the child, but later falls short of the need to consume more.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Its ergonomic design makes this bottle a comfortable product for parents, who will no longer have to manipulate several objects at the same time to feed the baby, in addition to the little one will begin to digest everything he consumes more efficiently and exercising the jaw .

Main Features Explained


The spoon measures 5.1 x 5.1 x 18.1 cm and is made of soft silicone so that the baby can eat each bite easily, preventing the child from drowning with the food. You can eat all your food in a regulated manner, since the dispensing opening is designed for controlled food output.

The box where the food is deposited is made of a plastic that is resistant to hot and cold temperatures, as well as tolerates falls and bumps, so that parents have the confidence of having a product that can meet their life expectancy, from four months to three years of the child.

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Spoon and lid

Unlike conventional bottles, users may forget to bring extra spoons and containers to comfortably feed their baby.

The silicone spoon in the Boon Squirt box, with a capacity of 89 ml, will help parents to suppress the use of spoons made of other materials, which could be harmful to the child’s health.

On the other hand, this article comes with a lid so you can carry all food safely and safely without worrying about spills when you are on the street or anywhere else. That is, you will not have to carry extra containers with the food stored.


It is suitable for the dishwasher and can even be washed by hand with soap and warm water. The manufacturers developed a bottle that had the ability to adapt to all situations, so that users keep the product as clean as possible to the extent of their possibilities and needs.

Another feature of the article is that it has no reliefs or overexposed figures, where microorganisms and other agents harmful to the baby’s health can stay.

A protection measure that facilitates and optimizes bottle cleaning, especially for those parents who must divide their activities between work, baby care and household chores.

Nûby 1563

 The Nuby 1563 model of a bottle with a spoon is another practical design that you can take everywhere and feed the baby without incurring complications or problems. It is one of the designed best valued by the mothers of the web due to its comfortable acquisition price as well as the internal capacity of the product of about 90 ml in total.

Due to the width of the food dispensing nozzle, it is indicated for use in babies 6 to 9 months and older, it is practical and super simple to handle, which avoids possible disasters that may arise from other more traditional feeding methods.

Like the previous product, this model does not have the practical two-in-one functions although it does have one of the best relationships between quality and price available at the moment.

This option can be considered by many as the best brand of bottles with a spoon, since it has a practical design for traveling. Let’s see in greater detail the qualities it offers.


Protective cover:

Thanks to the fact that it has an airtight lid, you can take the food with you without spillage problems.


Due to the materials that compose it, the temperature of the food is maintained for a longer time so that it consumes them comfortably.


Its structural design allows that when you are not going to use it, you can place it on a surface without it rolling.


Because it has 90 ml capacity, it is a sufficient portion to start introducing new foods to your little one.



The hole in the food outlet is small, so you should make preparations without too much lumps to avoid clogging.

 Munchkin 012398

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The Munchkin 012398 spoon is another efficient solution with which to take your child’s food anywhere and serve it easily at the moment. This model combines a tank with a capacity of about 150 milliliters with a hard and resistant spoon on which the food is served.

A system that does not generate spills or alter the properties of food, being made of high quality silicone. This material is safe and also resists odors, so it will remain in good condition regardless of the food you carry inside.

To give you greater comfort, the spoon can be placed standing up, so that it does not roll and that the area where it is placed in food also does not rub with any inappropriate surface. And because of its tightness, it is easy to take the product with you wherever you want, in your bag or wherever you want.

If you still do not know what bottle with a spoon to buy, let’s analyze this model in depth, in case its characteristics could be interesting.


Hygienic transport:

Since the spoon does not spill, you can carry it both in your bag and in any baby organizer without risks.


You can leave the spoon standing if necessary, preventing the surface of the spoon from touching the table.


The spoon has been made of high quality silicone, which prevents deterioration and facilitates cleaning.



The product is not compatible with hot sterilizing, so it must always be cold sterilized to avoid damaging the product.


Some users comment that the colors received do not correspond to what was requested, although, obviously, it is something that has no more inconvenience.

Jané – 010253C01

 The Jané brand has always been characterized by presenting us with quality products in the category of items for babies, which is why today we have some of its practical designs as a candidate for the best bottle with spoon on the market; Unlike other items seen in this top, this model has two-in-one functionality which allows parents to use it as a bottle (by placing the nipple for liquids) and as a food dispenser (by placing the mouthpiece spoon-shaped).

This double function justifies the price a little higher than that of other products in the same category.

It is a product whose use is indicated from the age of 0 months, so it can be used in newborns until they are ready to eat food with a teaspoon; The soft silicone-based bottle design allows you to easily regulate the intensity to dispense more food while exerting greater pressure.

If you have not decided on which bottle to buy with a spoon, we invite you to know the most relevant features that the Jané brand model can offer you.



Its possibility of being used both as a bottle, as a spoon allows you to make a double use of the model as you need it and from an early age.

Protection cover:

Because it has a lid, you can transport the food without spills.


Its 260 ml capacity will allow you to offer your baby food without having to refill the bottle frequently. This will help you when you grow, you also increase the portions you should consume.



It is a model that is offered for a price that could be considered high, however, its double function of bottle and spoon comes to compensate for this inconvenience.

Boon Squirt – booninc1

 The Boon brand model is one of the most popular products in the category of dispensing spoons, because it is perhaps the first to develop this method of feeding.

Due to its wide acceptance in the public we could not stop placing it as a candidate for the best bottle with spoon in the market; Although this model, unlike others that we will see here, does not have the function 2 in 1 that is, you will not be able to use it as a normal bottle.

Now among the positive aspects of the Boon Squirt we find a fun and varied presentation of colors, as well as a practical dispenser style that you can use from the 4 months of age of the child.

It has a total height of 10 cm, it is easy to take it on trips due to its practical design and it can also be washed in the dishwasher without any problem.

This model is among the most affordable, but it is not less efficient. You will be interested in knowing more about its characteristics and disadvantages so that you decide for yourself if Boon Squirt is the best bottle with spoon for 10 euros for your baby.



It is made of safe and toxin-free materials, so you can offer food with confidence.


Because the spoon is made of silicone, your baby will eat comfortably and offer protection to his gums.


Maintaining bottle cleaning is very simple because it does not have reliefs where food is embedded. You can also enter it in the dishwasher.


Because of its capacity of 90 ml you can feed the little one easily and without getting tired, since it is an amount that will not weigh too much on your hand.

Recommended age:

Its design gives you use from 4 months to 3 years.



When your baby grows and needs to consume more food, the capacity it offers may be insufficient.

How to use a bottle with a spoon

The bottles with spoon are an innovation for the feeding of the baby, because they facilitate the dosage of the food that you should eat according to your age and minimizes the possibility of leaks or loss of liquids when you are feeding your baby. Another advantage of this type of products is that with them you can give babies soups, creams and any porridge without having to use dishes or maneuver a spoon, since you can feed them only through the bottle. Learn how to use them in a simple way.

Sterilize the bottle

It is very important that you remember that, at the time of feeding your baby, the bottle must be in the best conditions. This implies that it is free of dirt and any other residue. For this, it is necessary that you sterilize it, either using a pot with boiling water or through an electric sterilizer, placing each part of the bottle where it corresponds and operating the device until it completes its cycle.

Fill the bottle

Once you have finished sterilizing the bottle, you should proceed to fill the bottle with milk, porridge, soup, cream or any other food you wish to give your baby. It is important to take into account that you can not put solid foods, but light or thick liquids that can pass through the spoon dispenser.

Cover the bottle

Once you have filled the bottle, you should put the spoon, which is usually made of silicone, located in the lower area and then screw it to the rest of the bottle. Remember that you must apply enough force so that it is tightly closed and prevent the food from spilling. Also, it is essential that you verify that you have been in the correct position to avoid accidents so that the baby can eat comfortably.

Feed the baby

The process of feeding the baby will be done in the same way you do with a conventional bottle. The only difference is that you will have to put some pressure on the bottle, so that the food goes out through the dosing hole and reaches the spoon. This product is made to make this experience much more comfortable, both for the baby and for the parents. In addition, infants can digest their food easier.

Wash the bottle

When the baby has finished eating, you will need to wash the bottle. You should keep in mind that hygiene, especially when it comes to the smallest of the house, is important for health and reduces the danger of transmitting bacteria or other viruses.

That is why it is recommended that you clean the bottle with soap and water to remove any residue and trace of food left there. Be sure to clean the most difficult spaces. To do this you can help yourself with some brushes or special utensils that will make it easier for you to reach those areas.

Sterilize the bottle

It is important that, every time you use the bottle, it is sterilized to maintain purity and provide better feeding for your baby, without the risk of contracting any viral disease or that a bacterium affects your body.

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