Baby Bath For Sink

10 Best Baby Bath For Sink Reviews 2019

Recently, a baby bath should be “ergonomic”. In this point, we say: For a 10-minute bath, every laundry basket is just as ergonomic. Some advantages, however, bring the best baby bath for sink. Thus, many also offer a drain, shampoo holder or guarantee pollution-free plastic. Our TUV-certified consumer portal has evaluated both external field tests as well as the customer reviews and calls them here the best models, which are also cheap.

What is a baby bath?

The classic baby bath is a small size bathtub that is typically made of sturdy plastic. This tub makes it possible to safely bathe even small babies and even larger toddlers. A best baby bath for sink can be used in the bath or shower, but also in the living area or in the nursery. If it is used outside the bathroom, however, you should expect a few splashes.

The babies feel comfortable in the size-adjusted bath, especially when the water temperature is right. This should correspond as far as possible to the body temperature of the child that is approximately between 36 and 38 degrees.

Most of the tested baby baths in a test have a plug . Partially, these stoppers change color as the water gets hotter or colder. Such a sensor plug with color display replaces the bath thermometer, because it indicates whether the optimum degree of heat has been reached.

The baby baths with stopper and drain hose are particularly easy to empty and clean after bathing. For this purpose, the hose is mounted in the designated place and the water is simply drained off into the bathtub or sink. Even the flushing of the baby bath takes up little time with this hose.

In addition to the stable plastic baby baths, there are also inflatable models. A reliable valve will not let the air escape when these extremely lightweight baths are inflated.

The inflatable tubs are a practical variant for transport, not only because of their light weight, but also because of the possibility to fold them down.

The foldable baby baths from a test comparison show similar load capacity as the classic plastic models. Therefore, this variant is also used in their own apartment, where they can be stored on the shelf or in the changing table to save space after bathing the child.

The 10 best baby bath for sink: comparison and buying guide

Bathing a baby is a very special moment, both for parents and children. It is also a time to relax and create links with the little ones , so we must have everything that this session of bubbles, pampering and slippery hugs at hand.

For this reason, we have collected the best baby bath for sink  on the market, so that you choose the one that best suits your circumstances, the space in your sink or in the child’s room, and your child’s measurements.

It is very important that you decide, first of all, where you will place your child’s bathtub. Do you want a bathtub in your bathroom, or do you prefer a changing bathtub, which you can have in the child’s room?

Are you going to buy a regular bathtub for your home, or will you take it up and down frequently?

Keep reading and you will find the best options for each case, plus a complete guide to help you choose.


It is ideal as a bathtub for daily use, even for families with little space.

Folding: yes | Legs: yes | Changer: yes

This bath-changing table is ideal so that your baby does not go cold transferring it from the bathroom to the room. No temperature changes or treacherous colds.

In addition, it will save you a good backache . Its height can be adjusted in three different positions, although it can be a bit high for short people.

The bathtub is ergonomic and designed for all ages of your little one: semi-numb (newborn) or sitting (more than 6 months).

It is easy to fill and empty : it has a drain to be able to empty the bathtub well, and a coupling for the shower head to fill it comfortably. As an inconvenience, the drain is a bit small and may take a long time to empty.

So you can have everything you need on hand, and control your child at all times, include an organizing tray next to it.

While not in use, the structure can be folded, and takes up little space .


  • It is 2 in 1: changing table and bathtub in the same “furniture”
  • It fits in the bidet space and is foldable
  • Organizing trays to have everything at hand


  • Bathtub a bit high for short people
  • The drain is something small


 Useful for parents with little space: it is mounted on top of the bathtub

Folding:  yes | Legs: no | Changer:  yes

This best baby bath for sink  has the advantage that it takes full advantage of the space in your bathroom : it is installed directly in the bathtub.

It also includes a changing table: you bathe and dress him in the same bathroom, without temperature changes.

In addition, it can be folded: the changing table is mounted on top of the bathtub, and only occupies 82 cm.

Are the parents tall or rather short? There is nothing to worry about, the Brevi changing table includes 6 height positions , to adapt it up to 11 cm apart.

This manufacturer also offers a model with a leg structure, in case you do not have a bathtub, and you want to have it inside a shower tray, or in the room. You can check the Brevi Lindo Bianconiglio 501 model here .

If we have to find an inconvenience, it is that the bath tub is not very ergonomic for newborns since it has no support to keep them semi-luminous. But it can be easily solved with an adapter. In addition, it has no inclination, so when emptying there may be some standing water that you will have to manually dump.


  • It is mounted directly on your bathtub
  • It can be folded and takes up little space
  • Fits even irregular bathtubs


  • The tub tray is a bit smooth for newborns
  • Some inclination in the bathtub would be appreciated


 Your choice if you want a best baby bath for sink  for grandparents’ house or for traveling

Folding:  yes | Legs: no | Changer:  no

This Jané bathtub is a very good choice if you need a second option: for the grandparents’ house, or if you are going on a trip and do not know if a children’s bathtub will be available. The folding is very compact and fits in any suitcase .

It can swell easily without the need for stain , and the bloated person gets a best baby bath for sink  that is pleasant to the little ones: soft and fluffy.

It includes an inflatable separator (with velcro) that can be used: as headrest; at the base of the bathtub, so that the smallest baby does not slip; or remove it when your child is already sitting, to have more space in the bathtub. Although this separator usually disengages as soon as the bathtub is filled.

It makes it easy for a single person to bathe the baby , since it is difficult for the child to slip.

Inconvenient? The bathtub can be destabilized installed in a shower tray with inclination to drain.


  • Small, foldable and easy to transport
  • It makes it easy to bathe the child to a single person
  • The swelling makes it comfortable for your child


  • The separator disengages in contact with water
  • Placed on a shower tray, it loses some stability


The bathtub revolution: vertical to keep the child sitting

Folding:  no | Legs: yes | Changer:  no

This bathtub is original in form: it looks more like a tall basin than a bathtub.

It is precisely this form of inverted bell that gives all the advantages. And it is that its ergonomics allows the baby to sit and lean without slipping , since the bottom of the bathtub is narrower. Precisely because of its shape, it can become small at 8 or 10 months.

To help your little one to maintain the semi-reclined position there is a small seat at the bottom of the bathtub. In addition, it includes a padded backrest to avoid contact of the child directly with the plastic.

The shape of this bathtub also makes it easier to spend less water, great, both for the family economy and for sustainability!

If you want the bathtub to be at your height, you can opt for homemade solutions, such as placing it on a table, or you can buy the legs here .


  • Sustainable: you will spend much less water than with a traditional children’s bathtub
  • Make it easy to bathe the baby without the help of a second person
  • You can buy the legs to keep the bathtub elevated


  • Short lifespan: may remain small at 8-10 months


The most compact bathtub on the market: keep it anywhere!

Folding:  yes | Legs:  yes | Changer:  no


The Star Ibaby Bebe Aqua is another bathtub for parents with little space. It folds like an accordion, and is completely flat (6 cm thick).

It includes a groove on the top to hang it folded on a hook behind the door.

Their legs are robust , since they are joined together so that they do not yield, and include an insurance so that they do not close.

The upper part of the bathtub includes two areas to leave shampoos, soaps or sponges, to have everything at hand at bath time.

The drain plug protrudes a bit and the drain is a bit slow, but the lightness of the bathtub makes it easy to empty just by tilting it slightly.

If you have to find a paste is that you have to bend and suffer a little back to bathe the kids. By having short legs, you cannot catch up with an adult.


  • Ultra-compact folding
  • It is light and can be emptied just by bowing
  • It is very robust


  • You have to bend down to bathe the child, or lay on the floor so as not to suffer from the back
  • The emptying is a bit slow and the plug protrudes


 Fully foldable changing table, including bucket

Folding:  yes | Legs:  yes | Changer:  yes


This bathtub changer is different from the rest that we have analyzed because its cuvette is made of flexible plastic, so it folds completely in the form of scissors (it does not occupy more than an ironing board would occupy).

The changing table includes two curls of soft material on the sides, to avoid falls or blows while changing the baby.

The flexible plastic bucket holds up to 11 kilos, which gives it a relatively short lifespan: until the child is about a year or a year and a half.

On the side there are some pockets for hand soaps, sponges and everything you need for bath time. You will also find a tray at the bottom of the bathtub, to place diapers or other objects of your child.

There is no plug, only a drain pipe, so you have to watch how the tube is positioned to avoid emptying the bathtub ahead of time.


  • Ultra-compact folding
  • Flexible curlers to prevent falls
  • Side pockets and bottom tray


  • Short lifespan: up to 11 kg of the child
  • There is no plug in the bathtub, you have to watch how the drain pipe is positioned


Do you think paternity and design are not at odds? This is your bathtub!

Folding:  no | Legs:  no | Changer:  no


The Hoppop bathtub stands out for its minimalist and simple design : it looks like a decorative object.

The design also incorporates a practical part: the water lasts longer hot thanks to its double wall .

Another of the strong points is its plug: it changes color if the water temperature is too hot .

It has two handles – very discreet – on the sides to allow it to be moved and emptied.

The life of this bathtub is the longest: its measures allow you to bathe your baby until very old: up to 3 years! Of course, for newborns, it is better to buy an adapter or hammock, since the Hoppop is quite deep and very smooth, so a newborn can be difficult to sustain.

Keep in mind that the legs are discontinued, so you will have to buy them second-hand. The drain has little fall and you have to check that there is no accumulated water.


  • Different and modern design
  • Plug that changes color if it is too hot
  • Its double wall allows to conserve water temperature


  • The brand discontinued the legs
  • The drain has little fall


 Ideal for travel, even with newborn babies

Folding:  yes | Legs:  no | Changer:  no


This inflatable bathtub is great for traveling parents, even with children who are not sitting still: it includes an inflatable top to prevent your little one from slipping (it may swell or not, depending on the child’s age).

And to prevent the bathtub itself from moving, it also includes non-slip strips on the bottom .

The bathtub can be inflated to the lung, but Locisne also offers a inflation pump that makes assembly much easier.

The backrest is designed so that your child is reclined at 45º, a comfortable position even for babies under 6 months. This inclination can be modified by swelling more or less a piece in the back of the bathtub.

As cons, you have to empty it and dry it very well to prevent moisture from accumulating and mold can escape. In addition, freshly bought smells a bit like plastic and needs to be ventilated so that the smell disappears.


  • Deflated can be stored anywhere
  • Non-slip strips so that the bath is well fixed
  • Handle to hang and dry


  • Moisture can accumulate if it does not dry well
  • Freshly bought, it smells like plastic

 Best baby bath for sink with hammock to fit your newborn baby

Folding:  yes | Legs:  yes | Changer:  yes


This best baby bath for sink  can be used since you start bathing your offspring, since it includes a hammock, fixed with suction cups.

The versatility of this bathtub is one of its strengths: it can be used with or without a hammock, with its legs to have the child at your height, or without the legs, on the floor or inside the bathtub.

It includes a thermometer so you can see the water temperature before putting the child in the bathtub.

Another of the accessories you will find is a little cup so you can easily wet the head of your offspring, and an area to support your child’s shampoo or soap. The emptying is done through a drain tube.

The structure of the legs is robust and can be placed on top of the bidet and left mounted there.

If we have to find some problem, it is the system to fix the hammock: the suction cups wear out and lose grip. The fact that it does not include a changing table, and it is necessary to move the child to another place to dress him is another small one against which we find him.


  • Includes hammock support for newborns
  • Can be used with or without legs
  • Its structure allows to place it on top of the bidet to save space


  • Suction cups to fix the hammock wear out and lose grip
  • Does not include changer


Flexible and foldable bathtub

Folding:  yes | Legs: no | Changer:  no


This is another of the folding bathtubs that exist in the market. It is a system similar to that of the Star Ibaby Aqua.

It is made of flexible plastic, so it folds in the shape of an accordion , and only occupies a thickness of 8 cm. It is slightly larger than the Star IbabyAqua, so it has more capacity and a longer lifespan.

The material with which it is made is non-toxic and certified by European safety regulations.

It includes a small area to store soaps and sponges.

The legs are non-slip , although they are not secured by a crossbar, as in other models. The bathtub can be slippery for the newborn.

Once folded, it can be hung thanks to the handle and the hole that has the top of the bathtub.


  • Ultra-compact folding
  • Long service life
  • Material respectful of European regulations


  • The legs are not secured by a crossbar that a
  • The base can be a bit slippery for the newborn


After the analysis of the best 10 bathtubs for your child, we detail the ones that seem most appropriate according to the type of bathtub:


This folding bathtub is the best in the market for the robustness that its legs provide . In the range of folding bathtubs for kids, there are many similar bathtubs, but of all we have tried this is the one that convinces us the most for the extra security provided by their legs joined by a crossbar and the insurance, which prevents any accidental folding ( you have to press both locks at the same time to get the legs closed).

Its super compact folding allows it to take up very little space, and also includes a handle so you can hang it behind the door or in the shower.

At the level of value for money we believe that it is also a safe bet: for just over € 30 you have a bathtub that can serve as a main bathtub from newborn to babies over one year old.

Another of its strengths is that, in addition to including a plug for emptying, it is very light, so it can be emptied even by tilting it over the bathtub or shower tray.


Our favorite bathtub to travel and store anywhere . The reasons? Despite being inflatable, it fulfills its mission, ensures the stability of the child and is designed to prevent even the smallest babies from slipping, with an inflatable stop.

Unlike the other inflatable bathtub we tested, the Jané, the stop to keep newborns stable does not take off and is fixed in the lower area of the bathtub.

The design of the Locisne bathtub has also captivated us because they have included non-slip strips so that the bathtub remains fixed inside the shower tray or where you want to install it.

Another detail that we like about this inflatable bathtub is the fact that it includes a pump. Everything that makes life easier for parents is a point in favor!

And if we talk about details, another one that has captivated us is the position of the back of the bathtub, which can be modified slightly thanks to a piece (which inflates more or less) in the lower rear part of the bathtub.


This Olmitos bathtub beats its competitors for its extras: it includes a hammock and a temperature sensor .

The hammock already included allows you to bathe your newborn without having to carry all the weight directly with your arms.

The thermometer is ideal for first-time parents. Although with a little practice you already discover the ideal temperature for your child, for the first baths it is ideal to have this reference. The Olmitos bathtub also includes a small bowl to wet your little one’s head and be able to rinse the soap in a simple way.

Another of the points in favor of this bathtub with legs is that the structure of the legs is folded and is quite compact, so it can be collected after each use, in cases of small bathrooms or floors with little space.


We love Chicco Cuddle & Bubble because it has everything we think is essential for bath time: changing table, useful accessories and comfort.

The changing table makes it easy to change the little one in the same room where you have bathed him.

Its accessories are designed to facilitate the bathroom: it has a drain to empty it easily, it includes an organizing tray to have your child’s soaps and sponges on hand.

In addition, the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble seems to us the best changing bathtub for the comfort it brings to parents, even the tallest: height can be adjusted in 3 different positions.

And in terms of comfort, Chicco has also thought about your little one, and the bathtub allows two different positions for your child: semi -umbed, for when he is small; and reclined, by the time you keep the sitting position.

And finally, another factor that we love: the structure can be folded.

How does a best baby bath for sink work?

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Whether it’s a comparative test winner of the baby baths or simple models, there are only minimal differences in the way they work. The small sized bathtubs often have a non-slip underside or non-slip feet and can often be combined with a special frame. This mini-tub can be used in the bathtub as well as in the shower, possibly in the kitchen or in another room. Especially when the baby is still very small, the bathing event can be celebrated with the whole family. Because when the baby bath is on the table, all family members will enjoy the bathing fun.

The function is to fill the baby bath with lukewarm water. Any faucet is suitable, but you should pay attention to the ideal degree of heat. If the water gets too hot, you can run after something cold, and vice versa, until the temperature is right. For a bubble bath is still a skin-friendly addition into it, as it is offered by the well-known brands. However, bathing is also enjoyable if the water stays clear and no bath additive is used.

If the babies are still small, then a bath bucket can be used instead of the baby bath. This reduces the risk that the child’s head gets under the water surface. However, the slightly larger baby baths can be used for a longer period of time because they do not so much restrict the baby.

A best baby bath for sink test also showed other options of use, because the small tubs are in addition to the normal bath for splashing in the garden. If the child is actually too big for the baby bath, it will simply be turned into a toy. Especially the colorful models in the baby-friendly design are great.

As an additional function or extra equipment plays the frame for the baby bath a role. With a few simple steps, this can be set up and offers by the rubber coating on the feet the necessary stability and slip resistance. The racks can be conveniently folded so that they do not take up any space when the tub is not being used. In some baby baths, the feet are mounted directly on the bottom, in others; the frame is independent of the essay or from the bath.

With an integrated shelf on the baby bath , bathing becomes even more pleasant. Soap, shampoo, sponge and other trifles find their place in this storage. Also, a cute bathing toy must not be missed, so that the baby stays happy or can be distracted. With a thermometer that is placed close to hand on the shelf, you play it safe at the water temperature. When looking at the useful items, it becomes clear that it is worth choosing a larger shelf.

Also helpful is an anti-slip insert. For children who cannot keep still, they can slip away and be frightened if they get water in the face or even submerge. The security operation avoids such small accidents and gives the little ones more security.

Advantages & Applications

A test of the baby baths contains valuable information about the various forms and designs. The narrow shape with ergonomic extras makes the children feel like in a comfortable shell. This unconsciously reminds them of the womb, which reinforces the sense of security. Many baby baths are shaped so that on the one hand the small ones babies can be bathed lying, while on the other side or in the other direction, the slightly larger toddlers swim while sitting. The slip-resistant insert provides comfort and safety in both applications.

The mini-tubs for babies that are a maximum of six months old, fit often in the sink. Here it is easy to let in the water and to empty and clean after the bath. The slightly larger baby baths are placed either on the floor of the bathroom or in another room, or used in combination with a compatible stand. Many of these stands can be adjusted in height, so that the back of the parents when bathing the offspring is not overloaded. The manufacturers recommend adjusting the stand to about hip height. So you can keep the baby comfortable while bathing, without the back hurts or cramp the shoulders.

In addition to the baby baths winner winners with frame , the inflatable tubs are an option. These are particularly space-saving during storage. Even with these inflatable baby baths, an anatomical shape or an armrest is possible.

The typical benefits that we were able to discover from a Baby Baths Test 2019 relate on the one hand to the features that make bathing easier for parents and on the other to the safety of the child. In addition to bilateral use for newborns and toddlers, many baby baths feature an armrest and upholstery. The integrated drain plug and the lightweight but sturdy material facilitate handling. To make sure that the individual elements fit together, you should buy the accessories matching the brand trough and pay attention to the recommendations for the extension.

What types of baby baths are there?

Basically, you can call two types of baby baths: the model made of hard plastic and the inflatable tub. Our Baby Baths Comparison 2019 introduces the respective features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these versions from many tests.

The hard baby bathtub is made of unbreakable plastic and typically has an anatomical shape. This helps the parents to stabilize the tub, whether by holding it or by using it with a stand. An integrated seat enhances the child’s upright sitting. Often, these solid tubs are provided with an anti-slip coating. Although it does not clean as well as a smooth inside, it does protect the baby from sliding down or sideways. Many modern baby baths have a plug with drain hose. This helps to drain the water and clean the tub.

This solid best baby bath for sink is considered the classic and is suitable for babies up to one year. In a baby bath tub test we have learned that even the cheapest versions offer the required safety and meet many requirements.

The inflatable baby bath is similar to the paddling pool, but is much smaller. Due to the soft walls, the child cannot bump at the edge while bathing. This reduces the risk of injury. For small babies, however, the problem is that the inside does not provide support. One advantage is the suitability for the shower, because the soft texture cannot cause scratches. However, the inflatable baby baths are often too wide for the big bathtub.

Manufacturers recommend using the inflatable pans only for slightly older infants who are at least 12 months old. Then these baby baths are also suitable for splashing around in the garden.

As a special model, we would like to introduce the baby bath in XXL. This is a large tub that is often used for older children. Many of these extra-large models cannot be used in the bath or shower, so they need their own space in the bathroom.

The following benefits apply to all types of baby baths that have been tested.

  • Comfortable for the baby and the parents,
  • Safety while bathing,
  • Place of installation arbitrary,
  • If necessary to transport well,
  • Flexible usage.

Disadvantages of a test

  • The baby must not be taken out of sight,
  • Inflexible when the tub is filled,
  • Easy or difficult to stow depending on the type.

The best baby bath for sink reviews criteria

A test of best baby bath for sink is based on several main criteria. With that we want to show the buyers which things have to be considered in the selection. It is all about the suitability or size determination as well as the quality characteristics. Although expert testing doe’s not present baby baths comparison test winners, we would like to demonstrate what differentiates the high quality tubs from the simple ones.

The stability

An upscale baby bath is equipped with non-slip feet that have a secure grip on the floor, on a bath mat or on a table. If the plastic is rather soft, so the tub gets into the shaking faster. For this reason, you should make sure that the outer walls of the bathtub are as stable as possible.

More safety for the baby

Safety is the top priority when swimming. This means that you always have to keep an eye on the child. Otherwise, the risk that it slides down and comes with the head under the water surface is growing. To avoid this, many baby baths are equipped with a non-slip mat. This will reduce the risk, but you should not leave the child alone while bathing.

The size of the baby bath

The size you choose depends on your height or the age of the child. For babies up to eight months is usually sufficient from a bathtub of 80 cm length. For older children you need a bigger tub so they have enough space. If necessary, a best baby bath for sink in XXL format can be used even for small babies, if a baby seat is available. This supports independent sitting and can be removed later, when the child is grown.

The shape of the pages

In a baby bath tub test especially the models with double-sided use convinced. The neonatal side is equipped with the non-slip insert, while the toddler side offers a special recessed seat. With this shape, the baby bath adapts to the changed needs.

More comfort for the parents

A pad at the edge and an additional armrest makes it easier for the parents to bathe their child without their arms getting tired. Pressure points can also be avoided with such a support. Also important is the overall height of the baby bath, which can be adjusted by the frame to the height of the parents.

What should I look for when buying a baby bath?

The baby baths should be as stable as possible and rounded at the sides. This avoids possible injury or inconvenience. If a stand is used, the tub must fit.

Often the baby baths are available in a set with a suitable stand. Other selection criteria are useful additional elements such as a stopper and a drain hose. First of all, it’s about finding the right tub size for the baby. The child should not feel constricted but also not have too much freedom of movement. In a relatively narrow tub, the parents have their offspring particularly secure and at the same time enough leeway.

A test of the baby baths recommends paying attention to the stability and longevity of the different models. At the same time, the tubs should fit into the living environment. This can be done by a clever combination with a baby changing table or with the bathroom furniture.

In addition to the quality criteria, the design should also convince. Funny pictures of animals or cartoon characters have a great recognition value even for small children. In addition to the classic baby bathtubs in white, there are models in blue and yellow, in light green or red. Very popular are the tubs in pastel colors that look child-friendly and individual. When looking for the ideal baby bath, it should be kept in mind that some colored bath products may cause discoloration of the light baths.

Internet vs. Specialists: where do I buy the best baby bath for sink?

The address for baby baths is baby shops and children’s toys. It is particularly easy to select and order the tubs directly on the Internet. To learn more about the quality and longevity of the products, you can turn to the salespeople in the store. In the online shop, there is usually a service team that takes care of such questions as well as special requests. In the store as well as in the Internet it is easy to find competent consultants.

Worth to know about handling and tips on accessories are also available in the shop at the vendors. On the Internet, this information is given only on request.

In addition, many people like to shop in the specialty store, because they can touch and look at the baby baths here. The visualization on the screen cannot keep up with this, but scores the Internet ordering with other benefits.

If you want to buy the baby bath online, you have access to a comprehensive range of products, not just the models that are currently available. Thus, the online shops offer a selection that is not subject to the limitations of a small warehouse.

For this reason, the prices are often cheaper. The price comparison sites in the network are also to be mentioned as a relevant plus point. They help the buyers to order the once selected baby bath very cheaply. Through the links you can quickly get the best deal, which helps you to save money.

Worth knowing & advice

A test of the baby baths is concerned among other things with the tips for use and the recommendation of useful equipment. So, you should never leave the child unattended when it is in the tub.

Even if it is a small pan in a flat shape or with anti-slip protection, there is always the risk of the baby drowning. Even a brief moment can be enough for a momentous accident.

In addition to this worst danger, there are many other problems that can be minimized by properly preparing for bathing. So the water temperature should be right so that the child’s body does not cool down. With the bath thermometer, it can be determined whether the water has the recommended temperature of 37 or 38 degrees. Some of the baby baths are equipped with a built-in thermostat from various tests. This is located in the plug or on the side of the tub and indicates by its color, whether the water has the right heat.

Most pediatricians recommend bathing infants twice a week. A study has found that the sensitive skin of babies is better maintained when bathing than when washing with the cloth. With a mild addition especially for the baby skin, the positive influence can be increased, but also clear water is sufficient to achieve the desired cleansing effect and to protect the skin.

The story of the baby bath

Even thousands of years ago, parents bathed their children, but in the early days often pools or rivers were used. Today, the invention of the bathtub is attributed to ancient Greece. Excavations in Cyprus and in various Greek regions indicate that baths were used before 1000 BC.

In Central Europe, it was first Waschzuber, which are placed in a special washhouse, in the private washroom or in the kitchenwhen it was time to swim. Over time, the raised tubs, which stood on feet? The best baby bath for sink can be compared with the old wash tub, even if it is much smaller. The simple versions of this baby bath are now made of plastic and have an anatomical shape; the basic idea is the same as in earlier times.

In the 1960s and 1970s, babies were often bathed in a simple plastic tub, which also served other purposes and mostly had an oval shape. These tubs proved themselves until the early 1980s, and then gradually came the newly developed special tubs used, which were rounded at the edges and narrower overall. As a baby bath, these models mimic tightness in the womb and should provide the child with a comfortable environment and a sense of security.

For a while – especially in the 1970s and 1980s, parents often got into the big bathtub with their children. This resulted in high water consumption, in addition, the adult person had to take extra care so that the baby swallowed no water. In addition, it was often tedious to get in and out.

In the next few decades, therefore, the baby baths were constantly improved, for example by an anti-slip system or armrests for the parents. Also, the stand, which is commonplace today, was more and more often included in the scope of supply of modern baby baths.

The optimization of the baby baths was primarily about the child’s well-being, but also the comfort for the person bathing the child moved more into focus. Another feature that has become more important is the flexibility of use.

This can be clearly seen in the baby baths with two different sides. A tub cannot grow, but it can be used over a period of several months through the newborn and toddler side.

Figures, data, facts about the baby bath

In a Baby Baths Test 2019, the benefits as well as the criteria that played a role in the selection were listed. So it is important to choose the appropriate for the age or for the height of the child’s tub.

The babies are growing fast, yet the parents want a baby bath that cannot be used for just three or four months. At the same time, the tub should not have too much volume, because the baby should feel safe in it. Too much space can cause an unsafe feeling.

In a small bathtub in a light color, the little ones can recognize their own legs well , which also ensures a comfortable feeling. Dark colors are well-liked by toddlers, but for the infants lighter shades are more appropriate.

Swivel bath seats for the tubs are popular and some parents swear by the bath tubs. In these relatively narrow containers, the embryo position is promoted, whereby the security is supported. At the same time, the accident risks decreases enormously, although only a small amount of force is required to hold the child.

The typical material for the baby baths in the 2019 test was plastic, which was definitely free of BPA . The length of the tubs is between 80 and 100 cm for the classic models, and between 45 and 50 cm for a standard width. For the little ones but also shorter and narrower baby baths are available.

There are many advices for bathing the baby. Ultimately, the parents decide which foam bath they use or what time the child is bathed. Immediately after the meal is not a good time to swim, otherwise many prefer the evening time, as the child is usually tired by bathing. For the necessary rest you should plan a fixed time and not be disturbed. Even the little children appreciate rituals.

Even if the babies are still skeptical at the beginning or even defend themselves, you do not have to worry about bathing. In general, the little ones can quickly get excited about splashing and are looking forward to this ritual after a short time of getting used to it.

Right temperature while bathing

When using the baby baths , it is important to prepare everything properly. It is not just about the water temperature, but also about the environment. In the bathroom itself or in the room in which the baby bath is, a temperature of at least 22 degrees should prevail, so that the child does not freeze when undressing.

After turning up , the heater will be Water immersed in the tub, if possible at a temperature between 35 and 38 degrees. With the help of a suitable bath thermometer, you can determine whether you need cool or hot water to reach the ideal water temperature. The classic test with your own elbow can also work, but you need some experience for this.

When filling the baby bath with warm water, there must be enough space for the child, because just as with the normal bathtub, the principle of displacement also applies here. The level is about 3/4 depending on the size of the child and the tub.

The water temperature is measured just before the child is put into the water . Only then can you be sure that the water has not cooled down yet. Also too much heat is to be avoided. Toddlers sometimes feel their own pain with delay, and the moment of shock is much longer than in adults. Therefore, the reaction takes place only after a correspondingly longer period. If the water is too hot, the shouting starts relatively late, so parents can not react sooner. Therefore, the risk of scalding is high when no thermometer is used.

While the child is being bathed, the window and the door should remain closed so that there is no drafts and no chilling. Airing is only after that. In the beginning, a baby bath is enough for five to ten minutes.

During this period, the water does not get cold. After about two months, parents often follow the rule: “five minutes longer with each month of life”, although later on it should be ensured that the temperature does not drop too much.

For drying, wrapping and dressing after bath, the child should not be exposed to excessive temperature differences. This is achieved by pre-heating the wrapping station and through optimal preparation. When towel, diapers and clothes are already laid out, the risk of the child cooling down is minimized. This can also help a special best baby bath for sink towel with a cozy hood.

Frequently Ask Questions

When is the baby allowed to take a bath?

With the bathing of the child one should wait, until the navel is healed, thus until the child is approximately six weeks old. Once or twice a week is enough for a start.

How long the child should be bathed?

At first five minutes are enough and even after a few months the bath should not last longer than ten or fifteen minutes. The baby skin has only an insufficient acid mantle, so you should be careful here.

Is a best baby bath for sink with a tube useful?

A baby bath on a rack can be handled very well with a hose. This helps to drain the bath water and thus also during the cleaning. This also applies to the other tubs, which are used without frame.

What is the so-called "use" of the baby bath?

The insert refers to the bath seat for the baby. It serves as an anti-slip protection and is therefore an important accessory for improved safety.

What do I do if the baby does not feel comfortable in the bath seat?

Some babies may not feel safe on the seat. This may be because not all of these products are non-slip. The unpleasant feeling may also have something to do with the fact that some children prefer to have more physical contact with their mother or father. That’s why they prefer to be held by their parents instead of relying on the plastic seat. This bath seat is to serve as an aid, but it works without it.

What do you need for the bathing fun?

In addition to the baby bath, a bath thermometer is needed, a washcloth and possibly a mild bath additive. With bathing toys, splashing are especially fun. A washing lotion and baby shampoo are used in children who are already several months old. A baby lotion, a soft towel, a diaper and fresh clothes should also be provided.

How is the child prepared for bathing?

Often the babies do not like it when they get water in their face, so you can clean their face before. For this you use a soft, wet cloth. This can then continue to be used in the tub. When inserting into the baby bath you should not proceed too fast, so that the child gets used to the contact with the water and does not startle.

Useful accessories

For the baby baths comparison test winner as well as for the simple and cheap models, there are useful accessories that facilitate the handling and storage. So there are some models a special tub attachment or a folding stand. While the bathtub top can only be securely fixed in the bathtub, the bathtub stand can be set up anywhere, be it in the bathroom, in the nursery or in the kitchen. By such a stand, which is often adjustable in height, the parents do not need to bathe the baby toofar to prevent. So it does not even back pain when the child is already a little bit bigger and heavier. If this stand is foldable, it takes hardly any space after bathing, because it can be leaned flat against the wall.

Some baby baths have a temperature display, for the others you need an extra bath thermometer. This thermometer is indispensable to maintain the perfect bath water temperature. Children’s bath thermometers are often available in cheerful baby design and make you feel good. Their robust quality and waterproof properties ensure easy handling.

From a test of baby baths, we have already given the important information on anti-skid systems and the bath seat. These optimize the comfort and the sense of security for the children and also for the parents. When choosing this accessory it is important that these elements are compatible with the tub. In the manufacturer’s instructions are often the recommendations for the appropriate models read.

The bath seats and the bath toys are typically decorated with child-friendly motifs and are available in beautiful color designs to choose from. With this accessory, the environment looks fresh and inviting. The little ones feel that they are the center of attention. That’s why they appreciate the lovely decor, which includes beautiful, colorful washcloths, towels and a baby bathrobe. The bath set is perfectly rounded off with a matching storage system, on which soap, shampoo and possibly other utensils can be accommodated.

Alternatives to the baby bath

Instead of a tub you can also use a bath tub, but this is only suitable for very small children and prepares them for the larger baby baths.

Some parents use the sink to bathe the baby, but the faucet may be in the way. That’s why some people use the tried-and-true washbowl, which is best placed on the floor or on a table. Here you should pay attention to a rounded edge, but has no armrest.

Special models include foldable or inflatable tubs. These are similarly constructed as the paddling pools, which are later set up in the garden; however, the inflatable baby baths are much smaller.

With them, the advantage in the space-saving storage, in addition, they can be transported great. Thus, these inflatable models are also suitable for the holidays.


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