Bathing, Washing Your Head And Teeth Of Your Child

Washing your hands, teeth, and hair or cutting your nails often raises your opposition. How to convince a toddler to wash and other hygiene procedures?

We can’t let the child wash. Diseases of dirty hands bring serious effects, unwashed teeth spoil quickly. It is easy for girls to have genital infections when intimate hygiene leaves much to be desired. But you can’t force a baby. It is best to change any obligatory nursing activity that your child doesn’t like to change into a kind of fun, something attractive and funny. How? Read our hints and then look for your own ways.

Washing hands

  1. Give the child a plastic toy to wash thoroughly. He will also wash his hands.
  1. Suggest playing boats in a sink full of soap and water.
  1. Place a platform for the child at the sink, show him how to set the right water temperature, offer your own hand washing preparation with a convenient pump. Independence may tempt a small rebel.


  1. To encourage bathing, provide your child with simple toys for pouring, mixing, and straining.
  1. Give your child special, safe pencils and tile paints.
  1. Introduce the rule: at home, you can only put soap bubbles in the bath.

4 . Let your child get in the bathing suit and play in the pool or beach.

Brushing teeth


  1. Let your child choose a brush and toothpaste. Look for the taste and color of the paste that will satisfy the little one.


  1. Offer your child an electric brush – it cleans teeth very quickly and is fun for many kids.


  1. Insert the radio or player into the bathroom and brush your teeth with the whole song, from beginning to end.


  1. Tell your child what is going on in his mouth. Let it be a fascinating story about insidious bacteria that are waiting for food leftovers.


  1. You can fake your story. Give the bacteria names and character traits, and make a brush a superhero.


  1. Arrange to provide mutual services: the parent is brushing teeth of the child, and the child – to the parent.


7 . Play a crocodile, whose brave and friendly bird eats the remains of food between the teeth.


  1. Name your teeth and scrub one by one, saying hello to everyone and telling them why it is important. A large preschool group will gather from full dentition.

Washing the head

  1. Ask your child what he doesn’t like or is afraid of washing his head. Assure them that you will do everything to make washing pleasant for him.
  2. Go to the sports shop for swimming goggles or a mask. At home, a child can dive in a bathtub and wash his hair.
  3. Start going to the pool, gradually tame the child with both standing water and shower water when you need to rinse the body.
  4. Buy a roundabout or bath visor. Take the child for shopping to make sure she puts it on her head at all. Let them choose the pattern and color themselves.
  5. Wash your head and change it into a haircut. Place a stool and a “scaffolding” on which a small customer will rest his head and you will rinse it over the bowl.
  6. Teach your child a different head position than before – he can stand by the bathtub or paddling pool, bend in half, lower his head as if on a slope, and you will gently rinse your hair in such a way that you do not splash his mouth.
  7. Provide your child with a supply of small towels that can cover your face and ears or wipe your eyes while washing your head.

Cutting nails

  1. Cut nails after bathing when they are soft and the child is muted.
  2. At the first finger, start a short, addictive fairy tale, whose course is enough to calmly do all the manicure or pedicure.
  3. Have fun chatting with animals. With each nail, tell us how a dog, cat, stork, goat does.

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