The Best Baby Cereal Bottles – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

A balanced diet for our baby is crucial to guarantee its optimal growth and development, so we must have all the tools that allow us to supply our small cereals of different sizes and thicknesses, which facilitate the work of the digestive system and strengthen its immune system. But first, it is important to know its main characteristics as a type of nipple and capacity.

Currently, there are several models of the best baby cereal bottles in the market; however, we are going to focus on the most important ones. First, the Philips Avent SCF696 / 27, which has a wide nipple to simulate the shape of the maternal breast and a design that includes petal shapes, which provide firmness without compromising the softness and ergonomics of the nipple. On the other hand, we have the Medela 0080136, which has an ergonomic design and easy cleaning. In addition, your nipple is small so that it easily enters the baby’s mouth.


Comparison Chart Of The Best Baby Cereal Bottles


Philips Avent SCF696 / 27 – Natural polypropylene baby bottle with medium flow nipple, 330 ml, pack of 2

  • One of the most innovative features of this product is the petal nipple, designed to strengthen its elasticity and softness without losing shape. In addition, the packaging is made of polypropylene to ensure durability. Its capacity is 330 ml.
  • Some users comment that the numbers that mark the liquid levels are difficult to read, however, the package also brings larger blue bars, which are easier to see.
  • It is the most expensive bottle on the list, but it is a clinically proven product, made by a reliable brand and with a design designed to ensure the comfort of our baby.


Medela baby bottle with medium flow nipple included

  • These bottles are comfortable and easy to clean. In addition, its silicone size M teat is flexible for the baby. We can also be sure that it is a 100% free product of harmful materials such as BPA. It has a capacity of 250 ml.
  • Although the nipple is small, the recommended age of use for this bottle is 3 months and up, which could be a limitation for those users who wish to use it in newborn babies.
  • It is the cheapest on the list, but it is a quality product. Recommended to feed with breast milk and has a medium flow nipple.


Chicco Wellbeing – Baby bottle with silicone nipple and fast flow for babies 4 months and older, 330 ml, blue, 1 unit, assorted model


  • It has a drip cap that provides secure closure and easy cleaning. In addition, its nipple is designed to be easy to move from the breast to the bottle, as it offers a mom effect to make it more soft and pleasant for the baby.
  • Some users have commented that if the liquid is very thick, a wider nipple may be necessary, but of the same brand. However, the built-in teat works well for milk, water, and other drinks.
  • It has good value for money; The Chicco brand offers an ergonomic bottle with all the features that provide comfort and safety to our baby.


What are the best baby cereal bottles in the market?


The bottles must be adapted to the stage of development of the baby, hence when selecting one indicated for the taking of cereals, it is necessary to take into account various aspects. We encourage you to take a look at this guide to buy the best baby cereal bottles. These are the elements that you should not overlook.


What are the best baby cereal bottles of 2020?


Recommended Products


Philips Avent SCF 696/27


Main Advantage:

The SCF 696/27 cereal bottle is a pack that contains two bottles, which will allow you greater freedom in case you want to prepare two types of cereals or corn flakes for your little one. In addition, you can use the other one if the main use is dirty and so the child will not have to wait to eat.


Main Disadvantage:

Most parents who purchased the Philips Avent cereal bottle pack agree that it is an excellent quality product that helps them feed their children more easily and naturally so it is not considered a bad investment because no major complaints are found in the published reviews.


Main Features Explained



During the first months of life of children, it is highly recommended by parents and doctors to feed them in the most natural way possible. Although many mothers wish to breastfeed, for different reasons, some may not and that is when having a bottle becomes essential. Also, if they can do it, the bottle offers them rest in the same way.

The Philips Avent SCF 696/27 cereal bottle pack is a good investment for any parent because it consists of two bottles. Each has a capacity of 330 milliliters, which is enough to cover the appetite of a small child. This capacity allows bottles to be used from newborns to children 1-year-old, so you can enjoy its advantages and comfort for at least a while. In addition, some buyers highlight the comfort and naturalness of the bottle for their children.



 In the buying guide, it is mentioned that most bottles are designed for constant flows and whole liquid foods such as milk or water. Therefore, if you want to expand the use of the bottle and change your child’s diet without feeling too much change, having a special nipple may be the solution.

In this case, the bottle SCF 696/27 of Philips Avent offers you this possibility. This model, despite having a common nipple, can be combined with a cereal-like nipple and thus become a much more practical and useful bottle. This nipple has a special opening that will allow the passage of a much denser and thicker flow and will be ideal for the consumption of corn flakes, some soups, and even liquid creams so you can adapt your child’s diet for constant growth and development.



Now, one of the aspects most taken into account by parents who buy bottles for feeding their children; Cleaning. It is very important that the bottles you buy are able to disarm in your entirety so that you can access any corner and thus not leave any type of remains inside as it can proliferate the life of bacteria and germs.

However, don’t worry too much if you buy the bottle SCF 696/27 from Philips Avent. This model is designed both to be comfortable to use and to be comfortable to clean. Both its lid and teats can be removed to allow you to access the interior without complications. In addition, it is able to withstand high temperatures so you can wash it in the dishwasher without problems. On the other hand, you can also place it in the microwave if you like to clean them in this way.



Medela 0080136


This bottle with a medium flow nipple has a capacity of 250 ml, characteristics that make it ideal for the gradual incorporation of cereals into the baby’s diet. Medela brand is an article made of bisphenol-A free polypropylene (BPA), a toxic chemical compound present in most of the plastic items we have in the home.

One of the most outstanding qualities of this model, considered the best baby cereal bottles of value for money, is its easy cleaning when using Quick Clean microwave sterilizing bags. Another point in his favor is that the nipple of this model fits perfectly with any bottle of the brand.

It is, therefore, an article indicated for babies from 4 to 6 months. Although it is designed to be used after breastfeeding, it stands out for its flexible use, being also suitable for milk collection. If you are looking for the cheapest cereal bottles, you just found the ideal model.

It is possible to identify the best baby cereal bottles for 10 euros without major complications, as is the case with this model.



This model has an extraordinary capacity of 250 ml, which makes it excellent even for the most greedy babies.


The nipple of this best baby cereal bottles is size M, that is, medium flow and, in fact, has been designed to adapt perfectly to any model of the bottle of the brand.


This Medela model is made of polypropylene, a material that stands out for its strength and durability. As for the nipple, it is free of Bisphenol A (BPA).


Using the Quick Clean microwave sterilize bags, cleaning this bottle will be much easier.



Some users have commented that, with the use and the passage of time, the scale numbers end up blurring and erasing.



Chicco Wellbeing


Suitable for babies 4 months and older, this bottle of cereals Chicco brand has a capacity of 330 ml, placing it as the largest model in this list of recommendations. Thus, it is ideal for those children who finish all their food without questioning.

The first thing that attracts attention is its beautiful design since it is a blue model with the inscription ‘Love’ and other beautiful decorative motifs. As for its nipple, it is made of silicone and has the so-called “mom effect”, which means that the baby will adapt immediately to this model, thanks to the smooth and pleasant finish.

Ergonomic in nature, the bottle consists of an anti-colic system, as well as a secure closure and an anti-drip cover. It should be noted that it is a product that offers simple cleaning.

If you want to buy the best baby cereal bottles of the moment, it is essential that you value the main characteristics of each model.



The flirtatious design of this model will not only enchant the parents, but also the baby himself, who will feel trapped by its colorful blue color and the drawings that adorn it.


This best baby cereal bottle has a capacity of 250 ml, so it is the largest model in this list of recommendations.


It consists of a highly resistant silicone nipple with “mom effect”, a quality that will facilitate the baby’s transition from breast to bottle.

Anti-colic system:

Another of the most outstanding features of this Chicco model is that it is equipped with a new anti-colic system, which protects the baby from reflux and this type of discomfort.



This is the least economical product in the list of recommendations, a detail that some users might consider a disadvantage.




 If you are looking for a model that allows being used from the first days of your baby, then you can opt for this option, which has a resistant structure and at the same time safe, for its manufacture in food-grade silicone, which will allow you to use the product for a long time

The structure material can withstand the heat, so it is possible to warm up after placing the food inside, using the microwave or a bowl of hot water.

In the same way, we must emphasize that it integrates three dispensing pieces with holes of different sizes, depending on the density of the food. In addition, the bottle retains a horizontal position, achieving a higher level of hygiene in the spoon. The containment capacity is four ounces, being a sufficient level. For cleaning, the use of a dishwasher or manually is allowed.

The following are the pros and cons of the TOYMYTOY bottle, which we present in order to make a successful selection.



Its capacity level is favorable since a total of four ounces can be placed inside.


Being made of soft silicone, the model offers a considerable time of use, as the piece tolerates high temperatures and frequent use.


The cleaning of the product can be done in various ways since it allows the use of a dishwasher or a hand rinse with water and neutral soap.


It is a bottle with a recommended use for children from its first days, so it can be used from 0 to 3 years of age approximately.



There are users who mention some difficulty in introducing food inside, but this will depend on each case and the consistency of the preparation.


Decdeal DECOUFGUG2113


It is the best baby cereal bottles whose dispenser is a soft baby spoon that facilitates feeding and, above all, that is especially suitable for children who are already in the process of teething. With a capacity of 120 ml, this model is made of BPA-free polypropylene. For its part, the spoon is silicone.

The design of this product has been designed to give the baby foods such as cereals or porridge, that is, those that are crushed. Thanks to its practical format, it can be stored in the refrigerator to keep the contents in optimal conditions. As it is a highly resistant bottle, it also allows its sterilization in boiling water.

It consists of a very useful plug so that food is not spilled during transfers, while you carry it in your bag, for example.

If you are looking for a reliable and caring model for your baby, it is best to bet on the best brand of cereal bottles, the one that will not let you down.



The dispenser of this bottle is presented in the form of a spoon so that making food easier.

Manufacturing materials:

The bottle has been manufactured in polypropylene, a resistant and durable material, and is free of toxic chemicals, such as BPA. The dispenser is silicone.


This model is very practical in a good number of situations: to give the baby his crushed cereals, water, juice or even medicines when he becomes ill.


The bottle sports an ergonomic design that facilitates its grip. Due to its format, it is suitable for storing in the refrigerator without difficulty.



In the opinion of a user, soon after using it, the bottle has absorbed the color of the food.



How to use a cereal bottle


Having a baby always means the learning process. It does not matter if he is not the firstborn, all the little ones bring new teachings for their parents. Food is one of the most important aspects of the development of children and, as parents, it is always necessary to offer the best. If you still don’t know how to use a bottle of cereal, then these little tips can help you in the process of feeding your baby.


Clean the bottle

You should keep in mind that every appliance that has contact with a small child must always be clean. The bottles are especially delicate, as they will be in your mouth and this makes it easy for you to get throat infections by putting your mouth on something dirty.

Wash the bottle very carefully to prevent these things from happening and ensure the protection of your baby’s needs. In certain cases, it is necessary to sterilize the bottle and, if this is recommended by your pediatrician, then do it.


Heats the water

When you have the bottle clean, proceed to fill the bottle with drinking water respecting the number of ml recommended for your baby’s age. To do this you can use a bottle warmer, a microwave or simply heat the container to a water bath until it reaches the desired temperature.


Add cereal

If the bottled water already has a good temperature, then you should add the cereal. The container always comes with a dispenser that will allow you to use the correct amounts. Follow the cereal instructions on how much you should add for each certain ml of water.

Use caution in this step to avoid throwing the cereal by accident when pouring the dose into the bottle.


Close the bottle

After having all the content with the appropriate measures, the next step is to close the bottle tightly until you make sure that the content does not come out when tilting the article.


Shake it up

Your baby probably won’t like the bottle’s content much if it has lumps, therefore, it is necessary that the formula is mixed with the water perfectly, because, in that way, your baby will enjoy eating time more.

Shake the bottle constantly so that everything heats up evenly and so that the ingredients used are properly mixed. Since the bottles are transparent, this will be easy to verify.


Check the temperature

Before feeding your baby, you should always do this step. Pour a minimum amount of content on the back of your hand to check the temperature. Remember that children are more sensitive, for that reason, verify that the bottle or its contents are not very hot.


Feed the baby

When everything is ready, then you don’t need more to feed the little one. Lay your baby down, holding his head and tilt the bottle until the nipple is full of the formula and, in that way, you will facilitate the child’s sucking.

Keep in mind that if you let the nipple have air, the baby may fill with gas, which can cause cramping.


The most popular brands


Babies need safe devices of the best quality, because, unlike adults, small ones tend to be more delicate and, because of that, require specialized products for them. Baby bottles, especially, are items that should be chosen with caution, as they will be in contact with babies’ mouths. It is advisable to buy these products from well-known brands such as Chicco, Philips, and Medela, as these manufacture artifacts of the best quality and with completely safe materials for the health of the little ones.


All parents, at some point, have acquired a Chicco product. In fact, many people who now have children were raised using brand artifacts, since Chicco has been in the market for baby products for years. Founded in Italy, this company began its history in 1958 and, since then, has not stopped surprising millions of people around the world.

Its founder Pietro Catelli sought to celebrate the birth of his first son, Enrico and, the best way he managed to achieve it was to create products that would facilitate his growth and development. These devices soon gained recognition for their innovation and, because of that, now this international brand is present in more than 120 countries and has approximately 300 stores around the world.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy products are its strong point, however, artifacts such as cereal bottles also have a good position in the Chicco catalog for their practicality and design.


Philips is such a big and famous brand that its name can be significant for many areas of the market, even those that have little in common with each other. Appliances, computer products, lamps, etc. It is safe to say that Philips has an ideal product for any type of situation that may arise in your daily life.

This company, originally from the Netherlands, has been working non-stop for 128 years since it was founded in 1891 by Gerard and Frederik Philips, a Dutch father and son team who decided to put their ideas together to create one of the most important companies of the 20th century and the 21st century, specialized in almost all market sections. 

Philips Avent is the company’s area dedicated to baby products. Based in the United Kingdom, this brand is one of the most innovative, as it stands out for the silicone nipples without the taste or smell of their bottles and models that can be heated in microwave ovens and bring ergonomic designs for your baby. If you are looking for food items for your little one, this is your brand.


Medela is a Swiss company that, since 1961, has been dedicated to making the process of breastfeeding and feeding the baby, moments full of safety and comfort that bring parents and children together. Research and constant innovation have been important characteristics of the brand, so Medela has become a leading company worldwide in this area.

Despite its growth, Medela has remained a family business that operates under the mandate of Michael Larsson, the founder’s son, Olle. Medela’s expansion reaches different parts of Europe thanks to electronic sales and the distribution of the company’s products to renowned stores. In Spain, its headquarters are located in Barcelona and, from there, they meet the needs of thousands of customers who trust the brand’s products every day.

Buying a bottle of this company will always be a great idea, because, in addition to offering different models of great importance, they are all practical and have a perfect design that will please both parents and children.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to introduce gluten-free cereals in the bottle?

Cereals that have no gluten are basically corn and rice. By 6 months of age, when the baby’s digestive system has reached development to process and digest other foods besides milk, it is the stage when nutrition experts recommend introducing cereals. In this sense, you will have to change the nipple and start by putting a bowl of gluten-free cereal at breakfast and another at night, at bedtime; Then you can increase every day until you reach the amount recommended by the specialist.


Q2: How to prepare a bottle with cereals?

When preparing a bottle with cereals, the first thing you should have on hand is water previously boiled at a temperature similar to that of body temperature. However, if you are a parent who uses bottled mineral water, you can warm it slightly in the microwave. To prepare a bottle with 180 ml of water, you must put 6 cups of formula milk and 5 cups of cereals; then proceed to cover the bottle well and shake enough so that the whole mixture is homogenized. However, the recommended measure of cereal will depend on the child’s weight; that is to say, you will have to add as many small bags as kilos the baby has (for example, 5 small boxes for 5 kilos).


Q3: How to make a bottle with gluten-free cereals?

The bottles with gluten-free cereals have a preparation similar to that made with a bottle of normal milk, an average of 6 milk cups of formula in 180 ml of slightly warm water. You can give the bottle with cereals in the morning and evening; for which it is important to start progressively, starting with 2 or 3 little cubes and then gradually increase to 5 or more (depending on the age and weight of the baby). In addition, it is important to keep in mind that cereal should not be added when the water is boiling, as it could lose its nutritional properties.


Q4: Why is it not advisable to give cereals in a bottle?

According to studies conducted by experts from the University of England, it is not advisable to add cereals to the bottle in the case of babies younger than 4 months of age. This is mainly due to the tendency to develop allergies since the digestive system of babies of this age is designed only to tolerate breast milk. Likewise, when it comes to older children, it has been proven that bottle feeding with cereals affects their oral health, because the food stays longer in the mouth and therefore, increases the risk of suffering tooth decay.


Q5: When to remove cereals from the bottle?

Unlike a bottle prepared with formula milk or breast milk, which only provides the amount of calories baby needs; When cereals are added, there is a risk of giving the child an overdose of calories. Therefore, the main reason for removing cereals from the bottle is in the case of overfeeding and, consequently, when the pediatrician considers that there is overweight.


Shopping guide


Bottle capacity for cereals

The needs of a baby are changing and also depend on how it is. This means that the capacity of the best baby cereal bottles will have to be adapted to the different responses of the child. There are small more swallows that, perhaps, can be finished without taking any problems, while there are others that may require more shots throughout the day, but less.

Although a bottle of around 120 ml capacity is sufficient in its first stage, when it is time to select bottles for cereals, it would be convenient for them to have a capacity of between 240 and 360 ml. These capacities are great when you have to incorporate thick foods in the baby’s diet.


Baby bottle shape

It is possible to find different formats of cereal bottles, however, one thing must be clear: they should always be ergonomic. Remember that it is an article that, predictably, you will manipulate several times a day and, in most cases, you may have a good time with it in your hand until the baby finishes it. Hence, in addition to being an economical bottle for cereals, you should look at it is comfortable.

Even when the baby is a little older, he can hold his bottle himself, so it is convenient that he also fits his little hands.

As for the forms, these are diverse. Wider bottles have the advantage that they are more stable and significantly facilitate their preparation. But not only that, but they also help to make cleaning easier. On the other hand, there are also triangular-shaped bottles, which are characterized by favoring the grip.

In recent times, we have identified other very interesting formats such as bottles with curved shapes. These models have the advantage that they avoid excessive air intake.


Bottle manufacturing material

In a comparison of cereal bottles, we could not forget the manufacturing material. Basically, it is necessary to talk about two classes: glass and polypropylene. If you are wondering how much a bottle of cereal costs, you should know that its price will depend largely on the material in which it is made.

First, glass bottles are characterized by being somewhat heavier than polypropylene bottles, as well as more fragile. This means that, when handling and moving them from one place to another, special care should be taken, since a blow could fracture them. However, they have the advantage that cleaning is much easier and, in addition, glass is a material that enjoys greater durability. Another important plus is that they do not absorb food odors and their taste will remain intact in one of these containers.

In the second instance, polypropylene bottles are lighter and also stand out for being more resistant. Do not worry, in principle, that they fall to the ground since it is difficult to break.

Parents often opt for glass bottles for the baby’s first stage, although when it is time to add cereals to their diet, they are usually transferred to polypropylene, since they are more manageable and hygiene should not Be so exhaustive


Type of nipple

Finally, this guide refers to the type of teats. In the first classification, we observe that the teats can be made of silicone or rubber. Silicone is a resistant, soft and elastic material, perhaps more recommended for the first stage of a baby, since, with the appearance of his teeth, it could break more easily. Rubber is more resistant, although it absorbs odors and colors, so it must be changed more often.

Very important is to look at the flow rate of the nipple. This is conditioned by the number of holes it presents. For a cereal bottle, make sure that the opening is indicated for medium or higher flow or has a star shape.


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