Baby Bathtub: With Stand, Touristic Or Foldable

A baby bath tub is something that is on every layette. Seemingly easy to buy, it often becomes troublesome: the choice is really large. What should a baby bath tub be like? Which one should you choose?


The baby bath tub should be … comfortable for the parent. When choosing it, let’s think about where we will bathe the baby – whether we will do it in the bathroom or in the room. The bathtub filled with water is heavy, think about how far you will have to carry it. Even if you add water later, remember that one day you will have to pour it. Let’s also think about where we will store the bath tub , whether we have enough space in the bathroom – this is not a small object that we push into every corner.


  • Baby bathtub is something indifferent to a toddler, let’s choose it for you
  • Let’s decide on the one we will have where to store
  • A baby bath tub is something you should not buy exaggeratedly – an older child may not want to bathe in it
  • Let’s decide on the bathtub model that best suits our needs, and not because others recommend it – what has worked for someone, in this case may not be good and for us

Baby bath tub: bath tub models are very different

Of course, we will find classic bath tubs that each of us has in mind. Streamlined shapes, soap cavities. Such bath tubs come in various sizes, we can buy really large ones, which will also be able to wash an older child (sitting down of course). Do you have less space in the bathroom? Choose one of the compact versions: tourist bath (pumped) or folding bath.

Tourist bath tub

The tourist bath is simply an inflatable bath tub , reminiscent of a pontoon with high banks. We can easily put it in a bathtub or a shower tray. The tourist bath is perfect for bathing a sitting child. We will not have to fill the entire “adult” bath tub, and it will be more comfortable for a child in a pumped tub than in a plastic one. Remember, however, that it is not very stable, we do not let the toddler be crazy.

Foldable bath tub

The rectangular shape of the folding bathtub makes many think that it is too small for a child – nothing could be more wrong. It calmly fits both a newborn baby and an older child. The bathtub actually folds flat, a place for it will be in most bathrooms. It can also become a tourist bath – its small dimensions will make us go with it both by car and by train.

Bathtub with stand

A bathtub with a stand is something that more and more parents are choosing. Why? Bathing a child in a tub placed in a bathtub or on the floor is not the most pleasant activity. Especially at the very beginning, when the child needs to be supported, stand in an uncomfortable position. The bathtub with the stand allows you to be upright, which is a definite plus. And the cons? Such a rack needs to be somewhere to set up (and hide), filling the tub with water (and pouring it out) can be problematic, the tub with a stand is also used quite briefly. We quickly give up the frame, when the child begins to sit down we move the bath tub to the “adult” bath tub or to the floor.

Anatomic bathtub

What is an anatomical bath tub? From the outside, it looks like a standard one, its center differs – the interior is profiled so that we can lay a child on it. The head is higher, the handles and legs are supported. However, we will use this option for quite a short time. Later we put the child on the other side, but we must take into account that it will not be as comfortable as in a bath tub without a built-in insert.

Baby bath with changing table

Bathtub with changing table, i.e. a chest of drawers is becoming more and more popular. This piece of furniture, however, requires space – if we do not have room for a free-standing changing table, we will not find a place for a changing tray. What is she It is nothing but a frame (wooden or plastic) reminiscent of the standard one on which the changing table is located. A bath tub is placed under it – during the day it can be simply a place where you can change the baby, while bathing – a bath tub on a rack. Is this convenient? Certainly yes, when it comes to the position in which the parent stands while bathing the child. We will also appreciate the fact that we will have all useful things within reach, we do not have to constantly take them out and hide them. Minuses? As in the case of a tub with a stand, it may be problematic to pour in and pour out the water.

Baby bath: useful gadgets

When choosing a baby bath tub, we often decide to buy other items – most often they are different types of inserts that facilitate bathing. Some tubs (the anatomical tubs mentioned earlier) are specially profiled, on one side they have a platform on which the child is placed. An older child holds legs in this place, but – despite this solution – this type of bath tub is used shorter than the standard ones. Inserts are more often chosen, which can be removed at any time – the right one can be found for both “normal” and folding bath tubs. If you decide on a foam insert, remember to wash it thoroughly after each bath and change it often. For an older child, a non-slip insert will be useful .

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