Baby bathtub types

Soon your baby will be born. Preparing for this special moment, you are organizing a new space that will facilitate comfortable and safe childcare. Among the many accessories, a special role is played by those that will be used for baby hygiene and bathing. At the very beginning, midwives will be responsible for the bath of the newborn in the hospital. When you get home, this task will be yours. What to choose from many baby bathtub types – a baby bath or a bucket to ensure the comfort of bathing such a tiny creature? In which accessory will the child feel safer and the bath will become a pleasure for him? What are the advantages of bathing a child in a bucket, and which in a bathtub?

Baby bathtub types:


Traditional baby bath

This is the most popular accessory for bathing a newborn baby. The undoubted advantage of the bath tub is its functionality – it  can serve us even for several years , when the child is already larger.

Bathtubs are available in various sizes and color variants. The bath tub allows the  child to bathe in all possible positions , i.e. sitting, half-sitting and lying down.


The ergonomic, streamlined shape of the tub increases its stability and makes it easier to support the child. A special accessory can become a special hammock for the bath tub , which supports the baby’s head in the right position during bathing . When bathing in a hammock: the newborn is laid down, the infant in a semi-sitting position, and the small child – in a sitting position.


Some manufacturers have introduced special models equipped with a cork to help parents use the tub. The tub with a cork allows it to be emptied freely. It is perfect for mothers who have problems lifting heavy objects after delivery.


When choosing a bath tub, remember that it will take more space than a bucket. A typical small bath tub is about 80 cm long  (it will be used until about 6 months of age). Larger tubs are approx. 100 cm long (they will be useful to us for much longer, even up to 2-3 years or until we decide to take a baby bath in a classic, large bathtub). If we do not have much space in the apartment, and we care about a baby bath, it is worth trying the so-called tourist bath tub. It is an inflatable bath tub (a baby bathtub types), completely safe and comfortable. It is characterized by an extremely affordable price. Essential for travel, it will also be great for the summer season when bathing in the garden.


Parents who want to guarantee safety while bathing in a baby bath will need special accessories such as  sponges or deckchairswhich fill the bottom of the tub. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the child will not slip out of our hands, and thus the bath will become much easier and more pleasant. Additional protection is provided by  non-slip inserts.


More demanding parents, who value comfort and convenience, choose advanced accessories, such as a  changing tray . It has all the functions that allow bathing and childcare. The stable frame, thanks to the height adjustment option, allows the device height to be  adjusted to the parent’s height . The furniture is equipped with a  shelf for accessories and a towel holder . The whole is complemented by a soft and  comfortable changing table .


For newborns, however, the tub may seem too large, especially for young parents who are unsure. can cope with the child’s maintenance. Bathing in a tub requires special attention and concentration , which is why a bucket comes in handy.



– an  innovation that won the hearts of parents A


bathing bucket is a great alternative for parents who want to feel safe while bathing. The bucket is especially dedicated to premature babies and newborns.


What is the difference between bathing in a bucket and bathing in a tub? First  , the child only bathes in a sitting position in the bucket . The bucket fills up completely with water  up to the child’s neck. As a result, it is almost fully immersed in warm water, which  reduces the feeling of discomfort . What’s more – the bucket  minimizes the cooling of the baby’s body . In contrast to the bathtub, it uses much less water –  3-4 liters are enough in a bucket to take a baby bath.


The child feels  comfortable through the fetal position , which he adopts, leaning firmly against the walls of the bucket. In addition, the fetal position has a calming effect on the baby – it relaxes and calms them, making it easier to fall asleep after bathing. The shape of the bucket reminds the child of the womb of the mother , which makes her feel fully relaxed.


An additional advantage is the fact that the water in the bucket cools down much more slowly than in a classic bathtub. The bucket keeps the temperature for about 20 minutes. This is the optimal duration of the bath, which should not be exceeded.


Parents, using a bucket, can feel completely safe – the whole body of the child rests on the walls of the bucket. Rested legs and supported backs prevent the child from submerging under water . Thanks to this, parents have free hands (in the case of a bath tub it is impossible), so they can take a comfortable position while taking a bath.


The bucket is characterized by  high stability . At the same time, its  lightness and carrying handle provides comfort of use, which is especially good for mothers during childbirth. Most often, buckets are equipped with a  non-slip brake  in the form of a rubber ring at its bottom. Transparent buckets are available on the market so that the  parent can see the whole body of the child .


The bucket works well  in small apartments , because it does not take up much space. The most common  dimensions of buckets are about 30 cm high and about 40 cm in diameter . Thanks to the appropriate profiling and size of the bucket, it will easily fit in the parent’s hands and play accessories for the baby.

Additional accessories , such as a stand ,  are recommended for the bucket  . It can perform several functions. First of all – the stands – the bucket is mounted on two height levels. Second – as a platform or stool for an older child. Third – as a container for children’s toys or bath accessories.

Both the bathtub and the bucket have their supporters and admirers – depending on which parameters are more satisfying. And you, which solution do you decide on?


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