Baby Bath Tub – What To Know

What may be surprising to many, choosing the right bath tub for a child is not always an easy task. There are many different models on the market that are characterized by many clever additions and functions. A contemporary baby bath tub can be both very cheap and quite expensive. That is why we suggest using the following tips when choosing a bath tub suitable for you and your child.

Purchasing a baby bath tub seems like a fairly simple task. In the end, all you have to do is go to the children’s goods store, go to the bath tub department, take one of them and pay at the cash register. Don’t, however, very often, when you get to the shelf with baby tubs, you will find products at different prices and with equal functions. Then many people start to wonder if all these functions are needed, and which bath tub will be the right size. That is why, to make choosing the right bathtub easier, we suggest the following tips. Here’s what you should know when planning to buy this type of product.

Baby bath tub – Types and properties

Currently, there are many different types of baby bath tubs on the market, adapted to different conditions and ages. Not everyone is able to get it right, that’s why we try to help. Below we present the most important information about this kind of products for children.

Standard baby bath tub

The basic product of this kind is an inexpensive bathtub made of plastic. Smaller tubs are usually intended for newborns , and the tub itself can be placed on the sink. Many of these bathtubs are specially shaped to allow your child to sit in a more upright position. Some bath tubs are equipped with a removable mesh or fabric that allows you to keep your child in place. When the child is able to sit alone , you can buy a slightly larger bath tub, which is placed in a normal bathtub.

Replacement bath tub

The bathtub of this type was designed in such a way as to grow with the child. Adjusting the position enables the bath to be used by newborns , infants and older children.

Foldable bath tub

Foldable bathtubs allow them to be stored in small rooms. If you use such a bathtub, make sure that it is made of solid materials and that it does not leak.

Inflatable bath tub

Thanks to the fact that this type of baby bath is inflatable, it is easy to store and transport. All because after using it, it is enough to deflate the bathtub. Many of these products have a suction cup or hook that lets you hang the tub to dry well. The downside of this bath tub is that it needs to be inflated again before the baby has a bath. However, this type of product can be very useful when traveling with an infant.

A luxurious bathtub

The SPA-style bathtub is often equipped with various nozzles and vibrations, most often they are battery powered. Such products are more expensive and heavier than ordinary baby baths.

Standing bathtubs

The standing bathtubs are equipped with an adjustable frame, so you do not have to bend down when bathing. Such tubs may also be more expensive.

Bath seats or rings

Non-slip coating that allows the child to remain in a stable position during bathing. Note: some bath seats have been discontinued due to possible drowning. Some national audit offices around the world have issued mandatory standards for manufacturers to create safer designs. Still, some security experts advise against using this type of product.

Baby bath tub – Basic functions

In the past baby baths were made of metal and had a very simple design. Currently, there are many models on the market that greatly facilitate the daily care of babies. Below we indicate the most important of them.

Temperature indicator

Many bath tubs come with a cork or color change stickers that let you know when the water is too hot. Some products of this type have a digital temperature indicator. If the baby bathtub you want to buy does not have such an indicator, you can buy it separately. Parents should always make sure that the water in the bath tub is less than 48ºC. Regardless of the type of indicator you use, always check the water temperature with your elbow or wrist.

Smooth and rolled up edge

The tub with smooth edges and rolled-up rim makes it easy to lift and carry the tub. What’s more, it is also a guarantee that the child’s skin will not be damaged or scratched. Never move the tub when a child is inside.

Non-slip surface

Wet skin becomes slippery, so choose bathtubs with a non-slip coating. Thanks to this, the child will not slide during the bath and will stay in place. Just be careful of the foam pillows, which the child can tear, bite and swallow.

Water filling line

Most often it is a line printed on the inside wall of the bathtub. Above the line is the inscription “MAX”, which shows how much water is enough to bathe the child. It is also an indicator of the safe amount of water.

Drain plug

After leaning while bathing your child, the last thing you want to do is carry a tub full of water. The drain plug makes water removal quick and very easy.

How to choose and buy the right baby bath tub?

When choosing the right bath tub for your child, you need to take into account several key factors, such as age, available budget or specific expectations. Below we show you how to make the right choice.

Choose the right size

Too big a bathtub means that your child will have too much room to move and move, which increases the risk of drowning. It is therefore worth ensuring that the baby bath tub is slightly smaller. Nevertheless, too small a bath tub can make a child uncomfortable and parents will have a hard time washing the baby. It is difficult to determine which bath tub will be perfect for a child? Many manufacturers give the weight or height of a child to determine the right size of the tub. In this case, follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Checking how to clean the bathtub

Before you buy a bath tub, check how easy it will be to clean. The more crevices a product has, the longer and harder it will be cleaned. In addition, in such a case it is easy to overlook various nooks and crannies. It is best to buy a simple bath tub that is easy to clean, which will prevent the development of e.g. mold on its surface.

You can buy a used bathtub

If you want to save money, you can buy a used bathtub. Nevertheless, first check its condition carefully. Just check if it is damaged or worn.

Before the first bath, of course, you must clean the tub thoroughly. You should also check the list to see if the bath tub you want to buy has already been discontinued. When it comes to buying a used bath seat, it is strongly reborn. Many of these seats are equipped with suction cups that can wear out, and thus the product will no longer meet its standards.

Whatever safety accessories you buy, always have your child within reach. Remember that the best guarantee of safety for a child is a parent.

Tips for safe bathing

Bathing time is also a time of fun and active spending time with the child. Nevertheless, it is also a time when special care must be taken. Remember the following tips when you are taking a bath with your child.

  • The first and most important rule is – never, but never leave your child alone unattended, even for a few seconds. The child may drown in water less than 2.5 centimeters deep. Before you start taking a baby bath, prepare all products – towel, soap, diapers, clothes, etc. Always hold at least one hand with the child who is in the water. If you need to leave the bath tub, roll your child in a towel and take it with you.
  • Make sure that the room is at the right temperature, preferably around 25 ° C, because the child can cool down quickly.
  • Do not put a child in a tub when water is not yet filled. All because during this process the water temperature can change a lot. In addition, the sound of the water being injected can be unpleasant and irritating to the child.
  • Make sure that the baby bath tub is completely safe. Be careful because often the bath tubs are very slippery, so you should equip them with non-slip mats that will ensure that your child sits safely. However, a soft bottom or lining the interior with a towel will protect the child from painful bumps.
  • Make sure your child has a comfortable warm bath. Before placing your child in the bathtub, make sure that the water temperature is correct. A few drops of water will put on your wrist or inner elbow. Most often, children prefer colder water than if it was too hot.
  • The tub should be filled with water to a height of approximately 5-10 centimeters when bathing an infant. When bathing a larger child, the water should not reach higher than the child’s waist.
  • Teach your child not to stand during the bath.
  • If possible, it is better to wash the child simply with warm water. All because soaps and other products can dry out the skin and cause a rash. If you already need to use soap, then choose a delicate product designed for children and use it in small quantities. Avoid long periods of sitting in soapy water. That is why you should have some fun in the water first, and finally wash your child with soap and shampoo.
  • Avoid bubble baths that may irritate the urethra. All because it can lead to infection of the child’s urinary tract.
  • If possible, the maximum temperature poured into the tub should be 50 ° C. The baby’s skin only needs two seconds for water at 65 ° C to cause third-degree brewing and five seconds for water at 60 ° C.
  • Keep electrical appliances such as dryers away from the tub in which the child is being bathed. There is always the possibility of puncture and paralysis of the child in the bath.

Although there are many baby baths on the market, the most important thing is to be careful and careful. It should be remembered that children are quite flaccid, they are not able to maintain balance as well as adults and are very slippery when bathing.

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